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Strategic & transnational policy expert, arbitrator & mediator; govt/private sector extensive experience on #Regulatory #Affairs #Food, #Drugs and #Medical Products,  with focus on #standardisation and #regulation industry, #defence policy and #security. Top-level advisor and negotiator; highly efficient and resourceful, multicultural professional with an international perspective. 

With extensive mediator skills and academic knowledge, as well as a Ph.D, I have worked with some #Machiavelli and Lorenzo #Medici, on advancing standards and regulation issues for over fifteen years, often using my research and policymaking expertise, achieving economic goals to benefit our societies,  by making policy changes or implementing projects.

Confident, acting as mediator between multiple stakeholders with different agendas to develop synergy and interaction. Articulate communicator and win-win negotiator, I encourage open dialogue. I like to make and leave a positive impression, to represent employer with pride, trust and honesty. Projects and solutions oriented, patient and methodical, persistent, prioritizes tasks, copes with a high volume of work in a fast-paced, confidential, deadline-driven environment of ongoing change and diversity.

Work experience in #Asia, #Europe, and the #United States;