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Research interests

My research interests revolve around the combination of migration, social, gender, and age stratification theories in order to explain ethnic inequalities in education and the labour market in host societies. More recently I have published several articles (together with other colleagues) on the integration of the second generation of immigrants in the Spanish labour market. 

I also conduct more applied research on the labour market integration of asylum seekers and refugees, and human smuggling practices in Southern Europe; and on child poverty and inequality, focusing particularly on the design and evaluation of policies. 

Doctoral Thesis

In my doctoral thesis I theorise and empirically test non-ethnic explanations to ultimately explain ethnic penalties in the labour market. More concretely, I study differences in labour force participation between immigrant and native women, I compare intergenerational social mobility patterns across ethnic origin groups and natives, and I also study the differential effect of social origin on employment and occupational statuses for second-generation immigrants and natives.