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His academic career began at the University of Alcala, where he took his B.A. in History. Afterwards, he moved to Scotland where he got a M. Litt. with honours in Global Empires by the University of Dundee. After two years of living in Edinburgh, he moved to Florence, where he joined the European University Institute in 2015 and has already obtained a Master of Research .

Among other qualifications he have achieved during his academic life, he collaborated as secondary researcher in the project ‘Guerra económica: fundamentos y balance del proyecto mercantilista de Olivares para la Europa Septentrional‘ (University of Alcala, 2012-2013) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and supervised by Dr. Alicia Esteban Estríngana.

As for his language skills, he is Spanish native speaker and has a proficient use of English and Italian, besides an A2 level in German. He is also currently learning French from basics.

He also works with mapping and networking software, which he uses in his PhD project to visually deliver complex social and financial relationships for non-specialised public.