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List of publications


“The last journey of the San Cayetano (1745): privateering and male migration during the war of Jenkins’ Ear” in Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar 9:18 (2020)

“Cuatro historias de migración veracruzana: desertores y retornados en la fragata holandesa Agata Galera (1747)” in Trashumante: Revista Americana de Historia Social 16 (2020)

“Migration: a World History” (Book Review) in Migraciones 44 (2018), pp. 176-179.

“A Short History of Migration” (Book Review) in Panta Rei 23 (2018), pp. 189-192.

“Eternal Iran: Too general and biased” (Book Review) in Revista Historia Autónoma 9 (2016), pp. 215-218.

“Sayyid Qutb’s Views on Women: A Dangerous Perspective, a More Dangerous Critique?”, in Leviathan. The University of Edinburgh Journal of Politics and International Relations 5:3 (2015), pp. 18-19.

“Is the Taliban regime best characterized as a movement of global Islamism or as a Pashtun ethno-nationalist group?”, in Revista Historia Autónoma 5 (2014), pp. 97-106.


“Transatlantic Family Migration in Times of War: Two Case Studies from 1747”, presentation at EMMIR & ACMS International Conference 2019, University of Oldenburg, 14th December 2019.

“A missed opportunity: the Freedom Movement of Iran during the revolution (1977-1981)”, presentation at Symposia Iranica: Fourth Biennal Iranian Studies Conference, University of St. Andrews, 13th April 2019.

“The ship Agata Galley (1747): Trans-Atlantic migration, communications and sea-labour in times of war”, presentation at the international seminar Microhistory, global and migration history, University of Stavanger, 2nd April 2019.

 “The privateering ship San Cayetano: a microhistory of male migration?”, presentation at the workshop Global Microhistory: Great Expectations?, University of Oldenburg, 7th December 2018.

“A 24 años del Choque de Civilizaciones: Vigencia del Pensamiento de Samuel Huntington en las Relaciones Internacionales”, presentation at the conference Desde el pensamiento global en las Relaciones Internacionales hacia la actuación nacional, University of El Salvador, 16th November 2017.


Desvelando Oriente. Educational blog in Spanish on the history and current affairs of the Middle East. «»

Written collaboration in Spanish and English-speaking media such as Atalayar, El Orden Mundial, Routed: Migration and (im)mobility magazine; Historia Hoy; Cable Magazine: International Affairs from Scotland; Global Voices; Centro Studi sull’Islam Contemporaneo and Ágora Revista Online.

Appearance on Spanish radio (Cadena SER) talking about Ottoman history