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List of publications

Journal articles

Ferrara, A. & Brunori, C. (2023) Immigrant generation, gender, and citizenship: Evidence on educational track choices from Italy” (with Claudia Brunori), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (accepted for publication). 

Borgonovi, F., Ferrara, A. & Piacentini, M. (2023) From Asking to observing. Behavioural measures of socio-emotical and motivational skills in large-scale assessments. Social Science Research, 112,  102874. 

Borgonovi, F. & Ferrara, A.  (2023) COVID-19 and inequalities in educational achievement in Italy, Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 83.

Ferrara, A. (2022)  Aiming too high or scoring too low? Heterogeneous immigrant–native gaps in upper secondary enrollment and outcomes beyond the transition in France, European Sociological Review, jcac050. 

Recchi, E., Ferrara, A.,  Rodriguez Sanchez, A, Deutschmann, A., Gabrielli, L.,  Iacus, S., Bastiani, L., Spyratos, S.,  & Vespe, M. (2022) The impact of air travel on the precocity and severity of COVID 19 deaths in sub national areas across 45 countries. Scientific Reports, 12(1). 

Borgonovi, F., Ferrara, A. & Piacentini, M. (2021) Performance decline in a low-stakes test at age 15 and educational attainment at age 25: Cross-country longitudinal evidence, Journal of Adolescence, 92. 

Borgonovi, F. & Ferrara, A. (2020) Academic achievement and sense of belonging among non-native- speaking immigrant students: The role of linguistic distance, Learning and Individual Dierences, 81.

Working papers and Book Chapters

Borgonovi, F. & Ferrara, A. (2022) Exposure to mathematics in secondary school and mathematics achievement, attitudes and self-beliefs, in Alvaro Choi (2022), Economic Foundations of Education, Bloomsbury Academic: London.

Borgonovi, F., Ferrara, A. & Maghnouj, S. (2018) The gender gap in educational outcomes in Norway,
OECD Education Working Papers, No. 183, OECD Publishing, Paris.