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Welcome to my webpage!

I am a PhD researcher in Political Science at the European University Institute.
Formerly I was visiting Junior Scholar at Nuffield College, Oxford, and Fulbright-Schuman visiting scholar at New York University. I obtained a M.Sc. in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi University and a M.Sc. in Comparative and European Politics at University of Siena.

In my dissertation, I show how Differential Item Functioning can bias the measure of voters’ and parties’ positions on latent scales such as the left-right ideology and the position towards EU integration. Then, I implement a two-stage Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey scaling model to produce meaningfully comparable latent scores (ideal points) of voters and party positions and compute the party systems’ polarisation indices. Finally, I adopt these new measures to systematically study voters’ electoral availability in the 27 EU countries. Results show that electoral competition in contemporary Europe is no longer structured along the traditional class cleavage, with two opposing blocks of left and center-right parties competing on an underlying economic/cultural left-right dimension. Rather, the confrontation is taking place between two blocks of mainstream and challenger parties divided on a new integration/demarcation cleavage.

My research interests include comparative political behaviour, political communication, political methodology, European and Italian politics.