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Other publications

Journal articles (peer-reviewed)
(32) ‘Development goals, commercial interest and EU aid-for-trade’, World Development, accepted for publication (with Bernard Hoekman)
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(29) ‘Trade effects of non-economic provisions in trade agreements’, Economics Letters, 23 March 2023, (with B. Hoekman and F. Santi)
(28) ‘Mode 4 restrictiveness and services trade’, Review of World Economics, 24 September 2022,
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(23) ‘Trade policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis: evidence from a new dataset’, The World Economy, 45: 342–364, February 2021, (with S. Evenett, M. Fiorini, J. Fritz, B. Hoekman, P. Lukaszuk, N. Rocha, M. Ruta and F. Santi; featured as CEPR VoxEU column on 11 December 2020)
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(14) ‘Do WTO+ commitments in services trade agreements reflect a quest for optimal regulatory convergence? Evidence from Asia’, The World Economy 41(5):1223–1250, May 2018, (with Martin Roy and Pierre Sauvé)
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(8) ‘The services sector in India’s states: A tale of growth, convergence and trade’, The World Economy 37(12): 1773-1793, December 2014 (featured as Ideas for India column on 17 February 2014)
(7) ‘The potential of tariff policy for climate change mitigation’, Journal of World Trade 48(5): 1007-1037, October 2014 (with Thomas Cottier & Olga Nartova)
(6) ‘Services globalization and sub-national demand linkages: The case of India’, Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy 5(1), 4 March 2014 (invited contribution)
(5) ‘India and her trade agreements: What lies beneath?’ European Yearbook of International Economic Law 5(2014): 935-955 (invited contribution; with Mate Kander)
(4) ‘Services procurement under the WTO’s Agreement on Government Procurement: Whither market access?’ World Trade Review 10(4): 1-23, 2011
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(1) ‘Potential Benefits from a Deep EU-India Free Trade Agreement’, Asia Europe Journal 7(1): 43-62, 2009 (with Peter Holmes)

Manuscripts under review
– ‘African Continental Free Trade Area and greenfield investment: likely effects and transmission channels’ 
– ‘The effect of standards harmonization on trade, prices and quality: evidence from EU pesticides MRLs’ (with Malte Ehrich)

Edited volumes
(1) ‘The Preferential Liberalization of Trade in Services: Comparative Regionalism’, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2014 (co-edited with Pierre Sauvé)

Research reports
(42) ‘Understanding Investment, Trade, and Battery Waste Management Linkages for a Globally Competitive EV Manufacturing Sector’, ICRIER-IISD, New Delhi, April 2022 (several co-authors)
(41) ‘Ex-post evaluation of the implementation of the Trade Pillar between the EU and its Member States and Central America’, European Commission, February 2022 (several co-authors)
(40) ‘APEC Services Competitiveness Roadmap Mid-term Review’, APEC Policy Support Unit, October 2021 (with Andre Wirjo, Jason Carlo Ong Carranceja, Ben Shepherd and Bernard Hoekman)
(39) ‘Services Trade of Commonwealth Member Countries: Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic’, International Trade Working Paper 2021/03, Commonwealth Secretariat, London (with Ben Shepherd)
(38) ‘Business regulation in South Asia and the Belt and Road Initiative’, November 2020, The World Bank
(37) ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Commonwealth Services Trade’, International Trade Working Paper, No. 2020/08 (August), Commonwealth Secretariat, London
(36) ‘Commonwealth greenfield investment: stylized facts and effect of Commonwealth membership’, International Trade Working Paper, No. 2020/07 (June), Commonwealth Secretariat, London (with Akshaya Aggarwal)
(35) ‘Liberalizing versus facilitating Mode 4 trade in services’, Policy Research Working Paper No. WPS 9227 (May 2020), Washington, D.C., World Bank Group
(34) ‘Disentangling the merchandise trade effect of Commonwealth membership’, Background paper for the 2020 Commonwealth Trade Report, March 2020 (with Akshaya Aggarwal)
(33) ‘India’s Strategic Engagement in Africa: beyond the G20 ‘CwA’ Initiative’, ICRIER & Ministry of Finance, Government of India, New Delhi, February 2020 (with Akshaya Aggarwal)
(32) ‘Exploring trade and investment opportunities between India and select African and Asian economies’, ICRIER, New Delhi and DfID, India, October 2019 (several authors)
(31) ‘Migration, trade and foreign direct investment in the twenty-first century: towards a new common concern of humankind’, International Organization for Migration, Sept. 2019 (with Thomas Cottier)
(30) ‘Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of FTA negotiations between the European Union and Australia’, European Commission, July 2019 (several co-authors)
(29) ‘Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of FTA negotiations between the European Union and New Zealand’, European Commission, July 2019 (several co-authors)
(28) ‘Intra- and extra-African greenfield investment’, ODI, London, April 2019 (with Max Mendez-Parra)
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and CARIS: Toronto and Brighton, 2015
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Book/Report chapters

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