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Work in progress

– ‘The COVID-19 shock and services trade: explaining the heterogeneous decline’
– ‘European Aid for Trade: Export Promotion?’ (with Bernard Hoekman)
– ‘Does mandatory e-tendering lead to better value for money? evidence from Indian public procurement’
– ‘Greenfield investment and integration into value chains: exploring causality’
– ‘Services trade performance and regulatory framework in Central Asia’ (with Sebastian Saez)
– ‘Impact and implications of COVID-19 on services sector and trade in the APEC’ (with Ben Shepherd and Bernard Hoekman)
– ‘Liberalizing trade in environmental services: regulatory barriers and policy options’ (with Amar Breckenridge)
– ‘COVID-era trade policy passthrough to trade flows: first evidence’ (with Pramila Crivelli & Prachi Agarwal; early version with Agarwal available as Covid Economics 78, 14 May 2021: 159-191)
– ‘Determinants of COVID-19 trade policy activism on medical products’ (with Matteo Fiorini, Bernard Hoekman and Filippo Santi)
– ‘Building effective government procurement systems: some suggestions for APEC’