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I am a PhD Candidate at the European University Institute. My current research centers on how our social media environments affect our attitudes towards immigration and draws on theoretical and methodological approaches from both Political Science and Social Psychology. My focus lies on the cases of Denmark and Sweden, and the analysis rests on Facebook and Instagram data. 

As part of this research, I spent spring term 2022 as a visiting scholar at The Cambridge Political Psychology Lab to gain insight into the psychological approached.

I hold a Master’s degree in Global and Development Studies from Roskilde University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Aarhus University and have experience in teaching quantitative methods. As part of my studies, I conducted fieldwork in refugee camps in northern Uganda, and worked with large scale datasets. 

Besides my research I coordinate the Migration Working Group where we focus on giving a platform to early-stage researchers to present and receive feedback from peers. Apart from that I am an appointed member of the EMS steering committee working towards making the University a greener place.