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Work in progress

I have been using the hiatus between my thesis submission and my viva topursue various publication projects. I am currently working on an article onthe comparative history of right-wing trade unionism in interwar Spain, France, and Italy – a regrettably understudied topic. Although always a minority overshadowed by the left-wing labour movement, these right-wing trade unions were a deep-rooted phenomenon that shaped industrial relations and influenced political processes such as the rise of fascism. Recently, I also submitted an article for Spanish-language journal Ayer on the Profintern, the trade union front of the Communist International, about which still today little is known. This article is based on extensive research in the Soviet archives. I have also written an article for the Greek journal Outopia on the Spanish anarchist “debate on power” of July 1936, when the Spanish anarchist movement debated the possibility of using its armed prowess to seize power.  Currently, I am a member of the AHRC-funded The Hispanic-Anglosphere research network, and I am collaborating in an edited volume for the project. My chapter explores the emergence of syndicalist ideas among the émigré hubs of exiled European anarchists and socialists in late nineteenth-century London.

I have also started turning my PhD thesis into a book. I hope to submit the manuscript to a leading academic publisher by September 2019.