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List of publications

Yildirim, A., Chatagnier, T., Poletti, A., De Bièvre, D. (2017) ‘The internationalization of production and the politics of compliance in WTO disputes’. The Review of International Organizations.

Yildirim, Aydin (2017) ‘Firms’ integration into value chains and compliance with adverse WTO panel rulings’. World Trade Review.

(Winner of International Studies Association (ISA) 2017 Best Graduate Student Paper for International Law)

Yildirim, Aydin (2016) ‘Domestic political implications of global value chains: Explaining EU responses to litigation at the World Trade Organisation’, Comparative European Politics.

De Bièvre, Poletti, and Yildirim (2017), ‘About the melting of icebergs. Discovering political and economic determinants of dispute initiation and resolution in the WTO’ in Assessing the World Trade Organisation: Fit for Purpose? eds. Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman, and Joost Pauwelyn. Cambridge University Press.

Yildirim, Aydin (2015) ‘Value added trade, global value chains, and trade policy: renewed push for trade liberalization’, World Trade Organization, Background paper, Made in the World Initiative, January 19. Available at:

Yildirim, Aydin and Dirk De Bièvre (2015) ‘Leader or Laggard? Political determinants of the EU’s compliance with WTO dispute settlement rulings’, Leuven: Centre for Global Governance Studies Working Paper series: No: 145, January 2015, KU Leuven. Available at: