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Work in progress

Containing protectionism: Globalization of production and the politics of WTO dispute settlement 

         (Manuscript invited for submission to the Cambridge University Press Elements series on International Political Economy)

Internationalization of production and the politics of dispute initiation at the World Trade Organization

            -with Dirk de Bievre, Tyson Chatagnier, and Arlo Poletti

             (Under revision to be resubmitted to Global Policy)

Winners and Losers from Trade Liberalization: The Role of Labor Market Institutions

           -with Leonardo Baccini, Mattia Guidi, and Arlo Poletti

           (Paper to be presented at the International Political Economy Society (IPES) Annual Meeting, MIT,     Massachusetts, USA)

When internationalization increases trade protectionism: MNCs and anti-dumping protection

           (Paper to be presented at the ECPR General Conference, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany)

Distributive consequences of WTO dispute settlement: Cross -country firm-level evidence

           -with Jan Stuckatz 

Venue shopping for market access: Explaining European sectors’ strategic choices  to target foreign trade barriers

       -with  Robert Basedow, Matteo Fiorini, and Bernard Hoekman