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List of publications

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

– Gil-Hernández, C.J. (2021). The (Unequal) Interplay between Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills in Early Educational
Attainment, American Behavioral Scientist.

– Bernardi, F., and Gil-Hernández, C.J. (2020). The Social-Origins Gap in Labour Market Outcomes: Compensatory and Boosting Advantages Using a Micro-Class Approach, European Sociological Review.

– Gil-Hernández, C.J (2019). Do Well-off Families Compensate for Low Cognitive Ability? Evidence on Social Inequality in Early Schooling from a Twin Study, Sociology of Education, 92(2):150-175.

– Gil-Hernández, C.J., and Gracia, P. (2018). Adolescents’ educational aspirations and ethnic background: The case of students of African and Latin American migrant origins in Spain. Demographic Research, 38(23):577-618.

– Gil-Hernández, C.J., Marqués-Perales, and I., Fachelli, S. (2017). Intergenerational Social Mobility in Spain between
1956 and 2011: The Role of Educational Expansion and Economic Modernization in a Late Industrialized Country.
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.51:14-27.

– Marqués Perales, I., and Gil-Hernández, C.J. (2015). Social Origins and Over-Education of Spanish University Graduates: Is Access to the Service Class Merit-Based? Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (REIS), 150: 89-112.


Book Chapters:

– Bernardi, F., and Gil-Hernández, C.J. (2021). “La estratificación social del riesgo de contagio y mortalidad por la
COVID-19” [Social Stratification of Infection and Mortality Risk by COVID-19]. In: Salido, O., and Massó, M. (Eds):
Sociología en tiempos de pandemia. Impactos y desafíos sociales de la crisis del COVID-19 [Sociology in Times of Pandemics]. Madrid: Marcial Pons.

– Bernardi, F., and Gil-Hernández, C.J. (2020). La Brecha de Clase en España: Micro-clases y Mecanismos. [The Class
Gap in Spain: Micro-classes and Mechanisms]. In: Salido, O., and Fachelli, S. (Eds.): Perspectivas y fronteras en el estudio de la desigualdad social: movilidad social y clases sociales en tiempos de cambio [Perspectives and Borders in the Study of Social Inequality: Social Mobility and Social Classes in Times of Change]. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

– Gil-Hernández, C.J., Bernardi, F., and Luijkx, R. (2020). Intergenerational Social Mobility in Spain’s Twentieth Century: Social Fluidity without Educational Equalization? In R. Breen and W. Müller (Eds.), Education and Intergenerational Social Mobility in Europe and the United States. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.

– Marqués Perales, Ildefonso and Gil-Hernández, Carlos J. (2015). “La sociedad abierta y sus enemigos” [The Open Society and Its Enemies], In: Ildefonso Marqués Perales (Eds.) (2015), La movilidad social en
 [Social Mobility in Spain]. Madrid: La Catarata, 106-197.