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Dr Caterina Francesca Guidi is an expert in analysis and modelling of quantitative data: her research interests are mainly concentrated on the impact of mobility and migration on European welfare and health systems. She also works on research and data analysis on reception systems and integration of migrants in Europe. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Siena. 

Prior to joining for seven years Global Governance Programme (GGP) at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) in 2013, she has also worked with international organizations such as UNHCR, the European Commission and other research center and NGOs on policy research and analysis in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Serbia and Spain. She has been RSCAS Fellow and ‘GlobalStat‘ Project Coordinator and the research coordinator for ReSOMA – Research  SOcial Platform on Migration and Asylum (H2020 open coordination and support action) for Austria, Germany, Greece and Italy collaborating with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She is currently RSCAS Visiting Research Fellow.

The Ph.D. thesis – “Health systems and inequality: the case of migrants in Europe” – is a study of the health discrimination and inequalities suffered by migrants in Europe, through a quantitative analysis of their health inequality of opportunities and unmet needs. In this context, she was a Visiting Researcher at the Agència de Salut Pùblica de Barcelona (ASPB), collaborating to the 7th FP  SOPHIE, namely Evaluating the Impact of Structural Policies on Health Inequalities.

She holds a M.Sc. degree in Development Economics from the University of Florence (Italy) and a B.Sc. degree in Law and Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy).   She is a member of MAHDRI – the Migration and Health Development Research Initiative Network, set up by IOM Migration Health. She is an active contributor on several journals and is a peer reviewer for Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies , International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of Common Market Studies. Journal of Official Statistics and Economies and Sustainability.

Think globally, act locally
She is an activist on human rights, working especially with migrants, asylum seekers and vulnerable people. As part of ARCI association for almost fifteen years, she organised several cultural, political and musical festivals and initiatives. She was also co-organising an itinerary photo exhibition on Sahrawi refugees’ camps, Ritratti della memoria.
General coordinator and volunteer of the EUI Refugee Initiative (2016-onward): structured first reception program for six asylum seekers at EUI, also through qualified legislative and social assistance. Active member of EUI Engaged Academics (2017 – onward).

Podcasts and videos: NYU Florence debate “A Conversation on Immigration in Italy“, 6 March 2019 (EN);  Convegno Cesifin: podcast “I sistemi sanitaria alla prova dell’immigrazione“, 14 Aprile 2017 (IT); EUIdeas: podcast “People on the Move“, 8 March 2017 (EN).

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French (basic), Serbo-Croatian (basic).