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I am a PhD researcher at the European University Institute (EUI), supervised by Professor Ulrich Krotz. My thesis considers how and why different states respond to online disinformation and (foreign) influence operations online. In 2016, I finished a master of political science at the University of Copenhagen. My master thesis concerned the evolution of public diplomacy and was supervised by Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen. Based on the findings in my thesis I published the article The evolution of the ‘public’ in diplomacy in the journal Place branding and public diplomacy in 2017. Previously, I have been a research assistant at the Centre for European Politics at the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, where I also taught the course ‘Philosophy of science and methodology’ to undergraduate political science students. At the EUI, I have been involved with Professor Dorothee Bohle’s research project Policy responses after the Great Recession in Europe’s periphery, and I have coordinated the International Political Economy working group and the International Relations Working Group.