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List of publications

        Book contributions

C. A. Petit, ‘The SSM and the ECB decision-making governance’, in G. lo Schiavo (ed.) The European Banking Union and the role of law, (Cheltenham, Edward Elgar : 2019), pp. 108-129, link.

S. Grundmann, C. A. Petit and A. Smolenska, ‘Banking Governance – The EU Regime’, in F. Barrière (ed.) Le traitement des difficultés des établissements bancaire et institutions financières – Approche croisée, (LexisNexis : 2017), pp. 45-90.

      Articles and Working Papers

C. A. Petit and P. Schlosser, ‘Rationale, potential and pitfalls of green securitization’, (2020) RSCAS/FSR Working Paper 2020/35; Florence School of Regulation, link.

C. A. Petit, ‘Balancing independence with accountability: a third-metre waltz?’, (2019) Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law,

S. Grundmann, G. Monti and C. A. Petit (eds.), ‘The European Banking Union in Action’ (2017) European Business Organization Law Review 18, pp. 391-616

C. A. Petit, ‘Calibrating central banks’ mandate, Central banking objectives, tasks, and measures within unitary and federal constitutional settings’ (2017), ADEMU Working Paper, WP 2017/080, link.

Analysis, Op-Ed et al.

C. A. Petit, ‘Banking on greater European integration – six years on’, EUIdeas, 4 November 2020.

C. A. Petit, ‘First ECB penalties partly annulled: prudent banks and reasoned administration’, Op-Ed, EU Law Live, 10 July 2020.

C. A. Petit, ‘An ambitious and collective response to the COVID-19 shock? : ECB’s monetary policy package and recent EU policy measures’, EU Law Live Analysis, 18 March 2020. 

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