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List of publications

Publications and written work 

– Badulescu, Claudia, Transnistria: A Wedge Between Russia and the European Union. A Dialogue in ‘Frozen’ Conflicts (November 29, 2019). Delegates for Dialogue, 2019, Available at SSRN: 

– Badulescu, Claudia, “Integrating diversity or fostering cleavages? Differentiated integration in the EU: a view from Romania”, IFAIR (Young Initiative for Foreign Affairs and International Relations), Germany, available at   and on CADMUS at; 7 September 2020.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “The Politics of Differentiated Integration: What do Governments want? Country report: Romania”, Report written in the framework of the Horizon 2020 project “Integrating Diversity in the European Union – INDIVEU”, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, submitted in June 2020, Forthcoming publication.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “Resisting the democratic backslide in the EU: A case study of Romania’s civil society’s retaliation against illiberal politics”, EUI Term Paper May 2020.

– Badulescu, Claudia, Respect the Rule of Law, for EU’s sake!, EUI Response paper, Rule of Law workshop, November 2019.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “No confidence in the Social Democrat Government of Romania – civil society strikes back”, co-authored with Dr Barry Colfer, Head of Research, Policy Network, available at: , October 2019.

– Badulescu, Claudia; Eymeri-Douzans, Jean-Michel; Larat, Fabrice:“Developing applied research and expertise activities at the Romanian National Institute of Administration”, Report co-authored with Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel EYMERI-DOUZANS, ScPo Toulouse, ENA-EGPA, Dr. Fabrice LARAT, Deputy Director of training in charge of research and Director of the Centre of Administrative Research and Expertise, ENA, in the framework of the SRSS project S2018/056 “Support to the National Institute of Administration in Romania” funded by the European Commission. June 2019.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “Overcoming dysfunctional integration through administrative capacity building: a new approach to Europeanization”, EUI Term Paper May 2019.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “EU and I: How can you find out which party best reflects your views on the European elections?” (original title in Romanian language: UE și EU : Cum poti să afli ce partid reflectă cel mai bine opiniile tale pentru alegerile Europarlamentare?), Ziarul Tricolorul, Romania; available at:, May 2019.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “Concept paper – Research and development activity at the National Institute of Administration (INA)”, translated into Romanian language for INA’s Department of Communication, Projects, Cooperation and External Relations (DCPCRE) in the framework of the SRSS project S2018/056 “Support to the National Institute of Administration in Romania” funded by the European Commission. April 2019 

– Badulescu, Claudia,“Too quiet to be strong? The EU’s tactics for advancing good governance at the domestic level” – EUI Term Paper, January 2019.

– Badulescu, Claudia, “The paradox of Europe’s borders: Romania’s state of play in the Schengen accession process”, Master’s thesis, Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE), available at June 2014.

– Badulescu, Claudia, Romania – To be or not to be in the Eurozone?” – Policy paper, Economics, Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE) 2014

– Badulescu, Claudia, “Corporate Social Responsibility: Between Ethics and Profit”, Bachelor’s thesis, Transylvania University, 2013 

– Badulescu, Claudia, “Opinions, attitudes and intentions of the Transylvania University’s students regarding the Erasmus scholarships” – Quantitative research study, Transylvania University, 2012 

– Badulescu, Claudia, “The Eurozone in the current crisis: The Unemployment Challenge” – International Business Law, Transylvania University, 2011 

– Badulescu, Claudia, “The Foreign Trade Impact on the Romanian Gross Capital formation during 1990 – 2006” – Econometrics, Transylvania University, 2012