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Work in progress

Currently I am working on my PhD thesis entitled “The Europeanization of post-communist administrations: The Commission as a driver? A case study of Romania, Serbia and Moldova.” In a nutshell, this project seeks to analyse and evaluate the role of the European Commission in driving administrative reform in the post-communist administrations from the Central and Eastern European states, Western Balkans and EU Neighbourhood states. By analysing the Commission’s reform programmes that have been implemented between 2000-2020 in three post-communist countries, namely Romania, Serbia and Moldova, this project seeks to provide insights into the driving forces and obstacles that shape the Commission’s ability to Europeanise domestic public administrations. This will ultimately provide a snapshot of how the EU can wield power today and can achieve institutional change in subtle, but far- reaching ways, and of the very real impact that the bloc can have on the lives of millions of both EU and non-EU citizens.

I am also working part-time as a Research Assistant on the InDivEU (Integrating Diversity in the European Union) Project coordinated by the Robert Schuman Centre at the European University Institute. The InDivEU project is a Horizon 2020 funded research project aimed at contributing concretely to the current debate on the ‘Future of Europe’ by assessing, developing and testing a range of models and scenarios for different levels of integration among EU member states. In the framework of this project, I contribute to the work package “The Politics of Differentiated Integration: What do Citizens, Parties, and Governments want?”, coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, EUI’s Robert Schuman Centre, and the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA). In this context, 27 reports on EU member state governments’ preferences for specific features of differentiated integration are being commissioned, and I am responsible with undertaking the necessary academic research and with writing up the findings in the report about Romania’s case. Additionally, I have been commissioned for collecting data on DI positions from the all the 27 InDivEU member state reports and to systematise the findings to facilitate the comparison across cases.