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List of publications

Koster, S., & Brunori, C. (2021), “What to do when the robots come? Non-formal education in jobs affected by automation”, International Journal of Manpower, ahead-of-print.

Brunori, C., Luijkx, R., & Triventi, M. (2020). Immigrants’ selectivity and their socio‐economic outcomes in the destination country: The Italian case. Population, Space and Place, 26(7), e2352. 

Book chapters
Brunori, C., Maineri, A. M., Borghesan, G. N., & Luijkx, R. (2020). I. I cambiamenti strutturali: l’Italia dagli anni Ottanta a oggi. In F. Biolcati, G. Rovati, & P. Segatti (Eds.) Come cambiano gli italiani. Valori e atteggiamenti dagli anni Ottanta a oggi. Bologna: Il Mulino.

Reports/Policy briefs

Jan Pols, Viktor A. Venhorst, Claudia Brunori, A. Debbie C. Jaarsma en Robbert J. Duvivier (2021) Jongere specialisten en langere wachttijd; Cohortonderzoek opleidingsduur geneeskundig specialisten. Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 165:D5388

Brunori, C., Jaarsma, D., Pols, J., & Venhorst, V. (2020). De opleidingsduur van artsen en de arbeidsmarktpositie van basisartsen: Regionale verschillen en trends. (URSI Research Report; No. 365). Urban and Regional Studies Institute / University of Groningen.

Gonnot, J., Dražanová, L., & Brunori, C. (2020). Global trends and continental differences in attitudes to immigration: thinking outside the Western box, Policy Briefs, 2020/42, Migration Policy Centre.