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List of publications

Journal articles

Institutions, trade and development: Identifying the impact of country-specific characteristics on international trade” (with Alexander Keck, Mario Larch, and Yoto V. Yotov), Oxford Economic Papers (May 2023).

Reducing tariff evasion: The role of trade facilitation (with Rohit Ticku), Journal of Comparative Economics 50(2): 534-554,  June 2022. 

Pull factors for migration: The impact of migrant integration policiesEconomics & Politics 34(1): 171-191, March 2022.

Migration deflection: The role of Preferential Trade Agreements (with Gianluca Orefice), Regional Science and Urban Economics 79, November 2019.

Trade Policy Substitution: Theory and Evidence (with Mauro Boffa and Alexander Keck), Review of World Economics 155(4): 755–783, November 2019.

Domestic value chains as stepping stones to global value chain integration (with Robert B. Koopman, Simon Neumueller, and Victor Stolzenburg),The World Economy 42(5): 1467-1494, May 2019.

Services trade policy and manufacturing productivity: The role of institutions (with Matteo Fiorini and Bernard Hoekman), Journal of International Economics 104: 166-182, January 2017.

Export Diversification Effects of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (with Simon Neumueller and Robert Teh), World Development 76: 293-310, December 2015.


Dutch disease revisited. Oil discoveries and movements of the real exchange rate when manufacturing is resource-intensive (with Salvatore Dell’Erba and Nadia Rocha), International Economics and Economic Policy 8(2): 139-153, June 2011.


Outsourcing and Competition Policy (with Kornel Mahlstein), Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 11(2): 131-147, June 2011.

Book chapters

The Impacts of Services Trade Restrictiveness on the Productivity of Manufacturing Sectors in East Asia (with Matteo Fiorini and Bernard Hoekman), in Lili Yan Ing, Martin Richardson, and Shujiro Urata (eds), East Asian Integration: Goods, Services and Investment, Abingdon (UK): Routledge, 2019.

Trade Finance in Post-crisis Recovery of Trade Relations (with Madina Kukenova and Nadia Rocha), in Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Meriem Malouche (eds), Trade Finance during the Great Trade Collapse, Washington, DC: The World Bank, 2011.

Learning in multilateral trade negotiations: Some results from simulations for developing countries (with Cédric Dupont and Stéphanie Pézard), in Odell, John S. (ed), Negotiating Trade, Cambridge (UK): Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Edited volumes

International Trade, Investment and the Sustainable Development Goals (co-edited with Jürgen Kurtz and Damian Raess), World Trade Forum series, Cambridge University Press, 2020.