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I am currently a Researcher at the Social and Political Sciences Department of the European University Institute. While I’m interested in many things, my current research is mostly focused on the use of quantitative text analysis to trace political indoctrination in authoritarian regimes. Separately, to the exasperation of my professors, I am also interested in political socialization, legacies of authoritarian regimes, especially communism, and almost everything related to natural experiments.  

I have previously worked for the World Bank Group in the Europe and Central Asia region, particularly on social policy development, marginalized groups and youth studies, and then I decided to change gears and do some more independent work. Before that, I worked for the Open Government Partnership, the European Commission Representation in Romania, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and multiple other international and national think-tanks and civil society organizations in Romania. My previous career has honed my presentation skills and dulled my methodological interests, so now I’m working to balance things out again.

Apart from my research career, I have also been active in the media and think-tank world, mostly written and television, and have delivered public speeches at Die Zeit Stiftung, TEDx Bucharest, Aspen Romania and other national and regional venues. I have also been active in Romanian civil society, being one of the founding members of Romania first fact-checking organization and the first data-illustrating initiative