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List of publications

Academic publications: 

D Niven, D Sandu (2015): Candidates with Easy Access Get More Favorable Coverage, Newspaper Research Journal, 36 (2), 253-264.  

M Botan, N Corbu, D Sandu (2016): The Complicated Relationship Between News Frame and Political Trust: A Case Study of Romania, Středoevropské politické studie, p. 122-140. 

K Krakowski, J Morales, D Sandu (2022):  Violence Against Politicians, Negative Campaigning, and Public Opinion: Evidence from Poland, Comparative Political Studies.

C Ciobanu, D Sandu (2023):  “Affective polarization and elections. How do (strong) partisans react?”, R&R.

C Ciobanu, D Sandu (2023):  ”Unsatisfied, but Hopeful – How to Increase Satisfaction with Democracy in Political Activists”, Working Paper. 

M Kayser, A Leininger, D Sandu (2023): ”Left Behind and Voting Right: Residential Sorting and Populist Radical Right Support in Eastern Germany”, Working Paper. 


Same history, different stories : a comparison of east and west German history textbooks, defended in September 2023. 

Think-tank publications:

D Sandu, CA Stoica, R Umbres (2014): Romanian Youth: concerns, aspirations, attitudes and life style, Bucharest: Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

D Sandu (2015): Independent Reporting Mechanism Progress Report 2014-2015: Romania, Open Government Partnership. 

D Sandu A Mohr M Ursan (2015): Sexul Comercial – Stigma si Marginalizare, Bucharest, Carusel.

M Roman, D Sandu, V Stoiciu (2015): European Comparative Study Regarding the Intra-European Mobility and Migration of Youth in Romania, Bucharest: Novapolis Association and the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly People. 

D Sandu (2017): Femei care Practica Sexul Comercial: Retele Sociale si Acces la Servicii Publice, Bucharest, Carusel. 

G Badescu, D Sandu (2019) : Youth Study Romania 2018-2019, Bucharest: Friedrich Ebert Foundation. 

D Sandu, O Popescu-Zamfir (2020): Democratic Resilience Index, Bucharest: Global Focus Center. 

Essay publications:

D Sandu (2019): There isn’t just one cause for populism, there’s a whole Google of them, Eastern Focus, p. 28-38.