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Born and raised in a smallish village near Graz in Austria I went on and studied economics (B.A. Econ.) and sociology (B.A.) at the University of Graz. Hungry for a more in depth training in quantitative methods I went on and did my M.A. at the University of Mannheim. In two intense years I learned incredibly much, thanks to the teaching, support, advice and tutorship of the faculty. Through work and support I managed to acquire a position as a  Ph.D. researcher at the European University Institute to work on my Thesis: Labour market polarisation and care work in Europe.

Research Interests

Labour market polarization, care work, future and sustainability of care provision,  sociology of the family, social networks, educational inequalities tied to networks and influence of atypical employment on earnings.


I dabbled in the field of text mining in R, topic modelling, basic parallelisation of computation intensive tasks, cleaning of messy text files, graphical display of data and advanced regular expressions. I also write the occasional utility package for R that helps to speed up research (e.g. a relabeler for ISCO codes). So, if you are working with ISCO classifications in R or Stata take a look at my code.

Personal trivia, or the human side

Besides academia, I like motorcycles, mountainbiking, enjoying the italian sun, wine and
food as well as working with my hands. Especially with metal, as I am a decentish amateur MMA and TIG welder.

Why this rather unacademic hobby? It needs years of practice to become good, learning is never done as there is always room for improvement, it’s a sensual affair as vision, sound, feel an subtle control are needed for a good weld. Furthermore, one needs to know a myriad of technical details like the properties of different alloys, fillers or electrodes. Oh the buzz of a good, dry 7018 (~RB 42)! It is a wonderful combination of bodily skill and technical knowledge. I also like the security, the definiteness, of technical properties compared to the uncertainty in social sciences.  

Apart from fusing metals at high temperature, I have a love for books and typography. To me good type is like music: It flows like a symphony,  guides one along, embellishing our senses with harmonies that please the eye without detracting from the text itself.