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David Bokhorst is a political economy scholar with a focus on welfare state reforms, qualitative policy analysis and EU economic governance.  He works as a post-doc research fellow in the WellSIRe project ( of Prof. Anton Hemerijck. 

His current work focusses on reform trajectories of European welfare states and the role of the EU in promoting reforms. He is co-editor of forthcoming book on welfare state reform in ten European Member States and he is involved in various studies on European economic governance and welfare state reforms under the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility. Additionally, he is involved in the CITILab project on local social investment initiatives. 

David obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam with a  dissertation on the governance of macroeconomic imbalances in the euro area. In the dissertation he analyses the influence and political contentions around implementation of country-specific recommendations of the European Semester and its Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (MIP). The dissertation contains five case studies of reform trajectories in Member States. It was awarded with the Els Witte prize for best political science dissertation of the Netherlands and Flanders in 2020 and was discussed by the European Commission in their official review of EU economic governance. 

Before joining the WellSIRe team at EUI David worked as advisor for the finance committee of the national parliament of the Netherlands, where he advised on European issues such as the EU Recovery Fund, European Semester, EU budget, European Stability Mechanism, Banking Union, capital markets regulation, green finance, taxation policies and more. Previously he worked as a research fellow at the Clingendael Institute for International Relations and as lecturer at Tilburg University.

Twitter: @DavidBokhorst 

Google Scholar Profile

Latest publications: 

Bokhorst, D. and M. Schoeller (2024) ‘Managing Constraint: Frugal opposition to EU Fiscal Solidarity’, Journal for European Public Policy.

Bokhorst, D. (2024) Een schokbestendig Europa: veranker sociale investeringen in het Europees bestuur. In: T. van Aken, S. van den Eynden and A. Groen (eds.) 14 missies voor Europa. Boom Uitgeverij. 

Bokhorst, D., J. Zeitlin and E. Eihmanis (2024) Europees Herstelfonds vraagt om flexibiliteit. Economisch en Statistische Berichten. 

Bokhorst, D. and S. Schreurs (2023) ‘Europe’s Social Revival: From Gothenburg to Next Generation EU’, SIEPS Policy Study.

Zeitlin, J., D. Bokhorst and E. Eihmanis (2023) Rethinking the Governance and Delivery of the Cohesion Policy Funds: Is the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) a Model? Paper for DG REGIO, European Commission. 

Zeitlin, J., D. Bokhorst and E. Eihmanis (2023) Governing the RRF: Drafting, Implementing, and Monitoring National Recovery and Resilience Plans as an Interactive Multilevel Process, FEPS Recovery Watch Policy Study, Brussels.

D. Bokhorst and F. Corti (2023) Governing Europe’s Recovery and Resilience Facility: Between Discipline and Discretion, Government and Opposition, 1 – 17.

D. Bokhorst (2023) Steering national social reforms through the EU’s recovery plan, in B. Vanhercke, S. Sabato and S. Spasova (eds.) Social Policy in the European Union: state of play 2022, ETUI Publishing.

D. Bokhorst en A. Hemerijck (2023) Stel in plaats van kosten het kind central, NRC Opinie, 16 januari.

D. Bokhorst en A. Hemerijck (2023) Nederland zou moeten experimenteren met publieke kinderopvang, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 16 januari.

D. Bokhorst (2022) ‘The influence of the European Semester: case study analysis and lessons for its post-pandemic evolution’, Journal of Common Market Studies, vol 60(1).

D. Bokhorst (2019) Governing Imbalances in the Economic and Monetary Union, A Political Economy Analysis of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure, UvA Dare, PhD Manuscript.Governing Imbalances in the Economic and Monetary Union