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Work in progress

Galos, Diana and Kulic, Nevena. Is the Effect of Field of Study Gendered? The Male Bonus and Female Penalty in the Labour Market. –  revise and resubmit

Galos, Diana. Privilege Travels: Migration and Employment Opportunities Of Graduates. 
Evidence from Italy. –  revise and resubmit

Galos, Diana and Bernardi, Fabrizio. Does Social Origin Still Matter? The Effect of Social Origin on Graduates’ Occupations in Italy.  – under review

Galos, Diana and Strauss, Susanne.  Does Income Matter? Choice of Gender Atypical Field of Study and Income Motivation Over Time.  – under review

Galos, Diana. Social Media and Hiring: An Online Survey Experiment on Discrimination Based on Social Class. – under review

Work in Progress
Does Disclosing Information on Social Networking Websites Affect Employers Hiring Decisions? A
Field Experiment on Discrimination Based on Social Class in the United Kingdom

Elites Remain Elites: Social Background in Elite Higher Education Institutions in France. 

Gender Discrimination in Hiring: A Meta-Analysis of Field and Survey Experiments.  (with Alexander Coppock, Yale University)