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Work in progress

Galos, Diana and Kulic, Nevena. Is the Effect of Field of Study Gendered? The Male Bonus and Female Penalty in the Labour Market. –  under review

Galos, Diana. Privilege Travels: Migration and Employment Opportunities Of Graduates. 
Evidence from Italy. –  revise and resubmit

Galos, Diana and Bernardi, Fabrizio. Does Social Origin Still Matter? The Effect of Social Origin on Graduates’ Occupations in Italy.  – under review

Galos, Diana. Social Media and Hiring: An Online Survey Experiment on Discrimination Based on Social Class. – under review

Work in Progress
Elites Remain Elites: Social Background in Elite Higher Education Institutions in France.

Does Income Matter? Choice of Gender Atypical Fields of Study and Income Motivation Over Time. (with Susanne Strauss, University of Konstanz)

Gender Discrimination in Hiring: A Meta-Analysis of Field and Survey Experiments.  (with Alexander Coppock, Yale University)

Unemployment, Job Search and Social Class. Evidence from Time Use Data.  (with Thomas Lyttelton, Yale University)