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I am a women’s human rights advocate and academic with a background in international law and international relations. In my PhD thesis, I examined interactions between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and national accountability processes for sexual violence crimes in Colombia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My general research interests include women’s rights and gender in international law, transitional justice, and the domestic implementation of international criminal law.

I have experience monitoring and evaluating legal, practical, and institutional obstacles to the effective investigation and prosecution of sexual and gender-based crimes from various perspectives at both the international and national level. Before commencing my PhD in 2013, I worked for several years with the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, a women’s human rights NGO monitoring the ICC from a gender perspective. In 2015, I spent some time working in the Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Cooperation Division of the ICC’s Office of the Prosecutor. In addition, from June through November 2016, I worked as a project consultant with the International Federation for Human Rights on a specific project on increasing accountability for sexual and gender-based violence at the ICC and beyond. Having successfully defended my PhD on 12 October 2017, I currently work on ethics and integrity matters with a large international organisation. 

I also blog regularly at IntLawGrrls, and send a lot of tweets out into the world on issues that I care about, mostly women’s rights, gender equality, and international criminal law. In addition to a Ph.D of Laws, I hold an LL.M in Comparative European and International Law from the EUI (2014), an LL.M in Human Rights Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2010), and a BA (Hons) in Social Sciences from University College Utrecht (2009).