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Book chapters:

“Égalité des Genre Devant la Cour Européenne des Droits de L’Homme” (Gender Equality before the European Court of Human Rights), in “Codes Commentés – Droits des Femmes”, Larcier (2020, co-authored with Angela Hefti)

“Gender Discrimination in Romania through the case law of the European Court of Human Rights” in “Anti-discrimination Law in Civil Law Jurisdictions”, Barbara Havelkova and Mathias Moschel (eds.), Oxford University Press (2019) 

“Women and Constitution-Making in Post-Communist Romania” in “Women as Constitution-Makers: Case Studies from the New Democratic Era”, Helen Irving and Ruth Rubio Marin (eds.), Cambridge University Press (2019, co-authored with Silvia Șuteu) 

 Journal articles:

“Pregnancy Discrimination before the European Court of Human Rights” (work in progress)

“Nature v. nurture: “sex” and “gender” before the Romanian Constitutional Court. An analysis of Decision 907/2020 on banning gender studies in Romania” (with Georgiana Epure, work in progress)

“Women as Others: The Changing Status of Women in the Romanian Constitution”, Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law, 11(4)/2017, pp. 541-564  

“The Legal Status of Assisted Reproduction in Romania. A Brief Discussion on Surrogacy”, Romanian Journal of Comparative Law, 1/ 2016, pp. 56 -74

“Women and Politics: The Impact of the European Integration Process on Women’s Political Representation in Romania”, AnaLize – Journal of Gender and Feminist Studies, no. 5/2015, pp. 8-31

Edited books:

“A Mission to Inform: Journalists at Risk Speak Out”, Council of Europe (2020)

Book reviews

Book review of Jule MulderEU Non-Discrimination Law in the Courts: Approaches to Sex and Sexualities Discrimination in EU Law (Hart Publishing, 2017), European Law Review, 43(3)/2018, pp. 461-464

Book review of Barbara Havelkova,Gender Equality in Law. Uncovering the Legacies of Czech State Socialism (Hart Publishing, 2017), European Journal of Legal Studies, 10(1)/2017, pp. 295-203

Book review of Anne Quinney (ed.), Paris – Bucharest, Bucharest – Paris, Francophone Writers from Romania (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2012), Nordicum – Mediterraneum, 8(1)/2013

PhD Thesis:

 “Legal and Constitutional Developments in the Field of Gender Equality in Post-Communist Romania. An Analysis in the Framework of the Public/Private Divide”.
Examining Board: Prof. Barbara Havelkova (University of Oxford); Prof. Mathias Moschel (CEU Budapest); Prof. Ruth Rubio Marin(EUI); Prof. Gabor Halmai (EUI);

Blog posts: 

“Going Against the Tide: The Romanian Constitutional Court Rejects a Ban on Gender Studies”, Int’l J. Const. L. Blog, 22 M arch 2021 (with Georgiana Epure),

Why Referendums on Human Rights Are a Bad Idea: Reflecting on Romania’s Failed Referendum on the Traditional Family from the Perspective of Comparative Law”, The Comparative Jurist, 11 November 2018,

“Human Rights Should Not Be Subject to a Popular Vote: Lessons from Romania’s Failed Anti-LGBT Referendum”, Oxford Human Rights Hub, 30 October  2018

“LGBTQ+ and Women’s Rights under Attack: Romania to Hold Referendum for ‘the Traditional Family”, Oxford Human Rights Hub, 18 September 2018

“Paying Lip Service to the CJEU: The Unsurprising Decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania in the Coman Case”, Oxford Human Rights Hub, 26 July  2018

Articles related to gender equality on is an on-line platform that aims to inform the Romanian public with regard to the EU and Romania’s European integration. See (in Romanian):