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I am a researcher working on migration, refugee protection, and EU integration at the interface of academia and applied research.

In January 2021 I earned a PhD from the European University Institute with a thesis entitled “Interstate solidarity and responsibility shirking in refugee protection. A normative approach to justice among EU member states”.

Please visit my new website for the latest updates on my work. 

At the EUI I was the convener of the Legal and Political Theory Working Group for two consecutive years (2017-2019) and a research assistant at the Migration Policy Centre (2018-2019). I  also spent a term as a Visiting Fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford (Jan-Mar 2019).

During my time at the EUI I was the coordinator of the EUI Refugee Initiative (2018-2020), a volunteer-run first reception programme for six asylum seekers hosted at the EUI.

As a member of the EUI working group Engaged Academics, I co-organised public events to communicate research and data regarding migration in Italy to non-academic audiences. For example, I gave a series of public talks entitled “Parliamo d’Europa” in the run-up to the European Parliament election. I also designed the “Outreach Café”, a series of informal seminars on how to best communicate academic research to the general public, policy makers, and on social media.