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Other publications

Peer-reviewed articles

Allard Duursma and Feike Fliervoet (2021) “Fueling Factionalism? The Impact of Peace Processes on Rebel Group Fragmentation in Civil Wars.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 65(4): 788-812. (link)

Book chapters

Feike E. M. Fliervoet and Lee J. M. Seymour (forthcoming). “The Causes, Consequences, and Dynamics of Fragmentation in Secessionist Movements.” In: Aleksandar Pavkovic, Peter Radan, and Ryan Griffiths (eds.) The Routledge Handbook on Self-Determination and Secession.

Policy reports

Feike Fliervoet (2018) “Fighting for Kurdistan? Assessing the nature and functions of the Peshmerga in Iraq.” CRU Report. The Hague: Clingendael Institute. (Available online)

Erwin van Veen and  Feike Fliervoet (2018) “Dealing with tools of political (dis)order: Coercive organisations in the Levant.” CRU Report. The Hague: Clingendael Institute. (Available online)

Blog posts

Feike Fliervoet (2017) “The survival game: post-referendum politics in Iraqi Kurdistan.” OpenDemocracy. (Available online)