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Welcome to my personal website,
My name is Felipe Souza Melo, I’m Brazilian and I was born in Guarulhos, a city in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. I am a Ph.D. researcher in the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute since 2018. My academic background is in History. I did my undergraduate studies at the Federal University of São Paulo (2009-2014) and my master’s degree at the University of São Paulo (2014-2017). My dissertation won the award for best master’s dissertation from the Brazilian Association of Researchers in Economic History (ABPHE). The award led to the publication of my dissertation in 2021. My book, articles, works in progress, and my Ph.D. research revolves around the economic history of Brazil, Portugal, and other parts of Europe during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. I am interested in the production, marketing, shipping, and consumption of tropical goods, such as cotton and sugar. Linked to all this, I work specifically with the mercantile groups and networks that worked in the Atlantic, making possible the transfer of tropical goods to Europe. I am also interested in knowing the mechanisms used by merchants to organize and finance agricultural production in Brazil and the role of the slave trade and slave labor in this process.
Please feel free to write me. It will be a pleasure to talk more about my research and hear about yours.


[email protected]