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Dr François Delerue is a research fellow in cyberdefense and international law at the Institute for Strategic Research (Insitut de Recherche Stratégique de l’École Militaire – IRSEM), an associate research at the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy and an adjunct lecturer at Sciences Po Paris. He also worked as a consultant in cyberstrategy and cybersecurity in a consultancy firm in Paris. 

He defended his PhD on cyber operations and international law in November 2016 at the European University Institute (EUI – Florence, Italy). His research was sponsored by the French Institute of Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN), the French Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM) and the French Ministry of Research. He taught at the International Institute for Humanitarian Law at Sanremo, the University of Florence, and the EUI. He was visiting researcher at Columbia University in New York (2014), and attended the 62nd youth seminar of the IHEDN (2009) and the international law and cyber operations seminar of the NATO School in Oberammergau (2013). 

François Delerue’s research focuses on the application of international law to cyber operations, mainly state-conducted and state-sponsored ones, and dealing with the law of armed conflict, the law on the use of force, the law of State responsibility, due diligence and attribution. He is also conducting research on norm-building in cyberspace, notably focusing on the ongoing processes at the UN GGE, the OSCE, and the ASEAN.    

[updated: April 2018]