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Work in progress

1.   Autocracy and Resistance in Hungary since 2010 (together with Bojan Bugaric), June 19, 2023, available at SSRN:

2. Illiberal Constitutionalism and the Abuse of Constitutional Identity (together with Julian Scholtes), in Deciphering the Genome of ConstitutionalismThe Foundations and Future of Constitutional Identity, edited by Ran Hirschl and Yaniv Roznai, CUP, 2024.  

3.  False’ Populists’ Abuse of Majoritarianism and Political Constitutionalism, in “The People’s Constitution – The Populist Transformation of Constitutional Law”, Springer

4. David Driesen, The Specter of Dictatorship: Judicial Enabling of Presidential Power, Stanford University Press, 2021. Book review in the American Journal of Comparative Law

5. The Role of Undemocratic Constitutionalism in the Hungarian Autocratization. Review of Roberto Gargarella, The Law As a Conversation among Equals Cambridge University Press, 2022.), forthcoming in Rivista di Diritti Comparati