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List of publications

Giuliani, G. (2020). Two sexes or none? Non-sexist language strategies in Italian and Swedish: a comparison. In Somma, A.L., Maestri G. (ed.). Forum Terzo Settore Lazio, Roma  

Giuliani, G. (2019) The Patterns of Age Differences Between Spouses in Italy, 1870-2015, in La famiglia tra mutamenti demografici e sociali, Samoggia A., Scalone F. (ed.), Forum, Udine 

Giuliani, G. and Duvander, A. Z. (2017). Cash-for-care policy in Sweden: An appraisal of its consequences on female employment. International Journal of Social Welfarelink

Manuscripts in preparation:

More educated, younger men? The link between women’s education and age differences in Europe (currently under review)

Seeking younger partners as reproductive strategy? Testing a classic evolutionary theory (in preparation)

Other media

Poster: “Older women, younger men. Is there a new trend? A study on age differences among spouses in Italy, 1870-2015”. Poster for the European Consortium on Sociological Research, Paris 2018. have a look!
Video:  My PhD proposal in three minutes. watch!
Audio: Radio Cusano Campus – Interview  on toyboys and age differences. listen!  (in Italian)