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Gonzalo Larrea is a Ph.D. researcher in Public International Law and Climate Change Law at the European University Institute under the supervision of Professor Joanne Scott. His doctoral project is titled: “Climate Change and Development. Adaptation Law and Global Finance in the Anthropocene.”

Gonzalo is generally interested in public international law, and particularly in international climate change law, climate litigation and dispute resolution, human rights law and international legal theory. His Ph.D. examines the legal issues that arise from climate change-impacts in developing countries. More concretely, his research aims at examining and appraising international cooperation and assistance on climate change adaptation projects in developing countries. It considers also where, in legal terms, financial responsibility for climate adaptation efforts in developing countries lies.

Gonzalo currently acts as editor of the European Journal of Legal Studies, where he reviews and edits submissions to the journal on the topics of Public International Law and International Legal Theory. He has also been serving as coordinator for the Environmental Law Working Group at the European University Institute. Further, Gonzalo has worked as research assistant for Professor Peer Zumbansen at the Transnational Law Institute (King’s College London).

Gonzalo graduated with a 1st class honours LLM at King’s College London in ‘Transnational Law’. He holds a second LLM from the European University Institute on ‘European, International and Comparative Studies’. Previously, Gonzalo studied law at the University of the Basque Country, and holds a 8.10 (out of 10) degree on Spanish Law, with an exchange programme coursed at Maastricht University on ‘European Legal Studies’.

Gonzalo is recipient of the scholarship ‘Salvador de Madariaga’ from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain.

Participation in workshop, seminar, course

Amnesty International, ‘Climate Change and the Human Right to Water: Legal Responsibility for Water-Related Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries.’ Larrea, G. (Speaker) 2018.