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List of publications

1. Bacharis G., National Law cannot Exclude Damages Claims of Public Lenders against Cartelists, Otis v. Land Oberösterreich, 57 Common Market Law Review 2020, 1609 

2. Bacharis G., Consten and Grundig and the Inception of an EU Competition Law, European Papers (forthcoming 2021) 

3. Bacharis, G., The Court of Justice in the archives project : analysis of the Consten and Grundig case (56/64 and 58/64), EUI AEL, 2021/02, Retrieved from Cadmus, European University Institute Research Repository, at:

4. Bacharis G., Book Review: Roger Halson, David Campbell (Eds), Research Handbook on Remedies in Private Law, European Journal of Legal Studies (forthcoming 2021) 

5. Bacharis G, Ioannidou K., Mpiternas S., The right to a Fair Trial according to art. 6 ECHR and the Greek Civil Procedure under the Influence of the Jurisprudence of the ECtHR, Pro Justitia, 2016, 414 (in Greek)

6. Bacharis G., Is ‘More’ Better? Broadening the Right to Sue in Competition Damages Claims in Both Sides of the Atlantic, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2022