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This landscape up here is Florence, Italy, the place where I live. Approximately 800 km southwards I was born, in 1989. I completed my school education between Lazio, Tuscany and Friuli Venezia Giulia, where I attended The United World College of the Adriatic in Duino (Trieste).  

I hold a Bachelor and two Masters degrees from the Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland) in Russian and European studies.  In Krakow I collaborated, among others, with the Italian Institute of Culture, for which I organised an event on the history of the Crimean Italians. So I conceived  my PhD project.

Today I am in the 4th and last year of my doctoral studies at the department of History and Civilisation of the European University Institute, with a grant from Poland’s Ministry of Education. Parallel to my research, I am also active in public history, with a project on the Italian War prisoners in the Gulags of USSR. In my free time,  I do art and learn languages. 


Italian is my native language, I speak English, Russian and Polish fluently. Less fluently – Spanish, French and Ukrainian. I am currently studying German (B1).