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List of publications


Raffaele Scassi. Improvised Colonial Agent and The Appropriation of The Russian South (1820s)in: Guignard, Didier and Seri-Hersch, Iris, eds. Appropriating Space: Relocating Histories of Empire, 19th-20th Centuries. New Castle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming (2019).


‘Migrazioni italiane in Nuova Russia e Crimea: tracce, fonti, contesti’ in: La Crimea tra Russia, Italia e Impero Ottomano. Eurasiatica. vol. 8 (2017)

‘Dreams of Minsk. A Journey through Aesthetics of Utopia within a European Experience’ in: Sanglap: Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry. Vol. 3 No. 2 (2017)


presentation (in Russian): Crimean Italians: sources, documents and context of their migrations and settlement – at the yearly congress Crimean Ethnography in XIX-XXI centuries and contemporary ethnocultural processes Crimean Ethnographic Museum, Simferopol’, Crimea (September 2017).

presentation: Foreignness and individual agency in Novorossiya’s colonial experience: Raffaele Scassi at the service of the Tsar at the conference Appropriating Space in Colonial and Imperial Context ,Maison Méditerranée des Sciences de l’Homme, Aix-en-Provence, France (June 2017) 

presentation: Informal Fin – de – Siècle Colonization? Italian Activity in the Black Sea at the conference Empires after the global ‘turn’. Planned Migrations, Colonial Agents and InformalImperialism, c.1800 – 1950 , European University Institute, Firenze (June 2017)

presentation: Crimean Italians: Intersections between History, Memory and the Individual at the conference Remembering/Forgetting imperial past, Nationalism and the making of ethnicities around the Black Sea, Aston University, Birmingham, UK (March 2017) 

presentation: Home, sea and the empire. Practices of identity change among Crimean Italians at the Italian Graduate Conference ‘Land and Sea’ University of California, Los Angeles,USA (January 2017)

presentation (in Italian): Italiani nella Crimea imperiale russa. Tracce, fonti e documenti at  the conference La Crimea tra Russia, Italia e Impero Ottomano, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, Italy        (April 2016)

 presentation: Minsk’s Text. Between Utopia and De Chirico’s Art at The 3rd Heritage Forum of Central Europe: TheCity. International Cultural Centre, Krakow, Poland (September 2015)