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Dear reader, fellow researcher or mere curious cat:

This page is meant to present my research and other professional skills. I would however rather start by telling you a few things about how I am, beyond my work If you are interested in my CV, career or publications, please check my other sections. And if you have questions or want to know more, drop me an email 🙂

I am Spanish, born and raised in the North, where it rains all the time and the sun does not shine. I have always had a love of talking, debating, and verbally assaulting my sworn enemies (worst cases only!).

As a result of this philia for language, I was forced to learn more languages to argue with even MORE people, as I moved through Europe during my studies. So came English (Glaswegian oi), German (moin moin) and Italian (ma certo) into my life. I enjoy learning new languages as a non-work related, still challenging hobby. But lemme be honest, grammar homework? Thanks no thanks.

As you can guess from our little cover image, I am way into acting. If you are putting together a show of any kind, and need someone with zero sense of shame into your gig… You found yourself a prima dona! Also happy to fill in secondary and tree-related roles, just don’t ask me to paint anything unless you are way into Kandisky.

(That being said, I love Art Museums, especially those with great merchandise shops. Top three are: Prado, Belvedere and British Museum! Italy is terrible at merchandise and it hurts my soul everytime).