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 Main Areas of Research:

  • (P)CVE: police and practice, resillience and social polarisation

  • Online Radicalisation and online violent extremism

  • Right Wing vs Jihadist Strategies for Radicalisation and Propaganda

  • Critical Terrorism Studies: radicalization theory and  framing Terrorism

  • Islamophobia and Right-Wing Challenges

  • Socio-cultural, personal and economic factors in pathways of radicalisation to violent extremism ( European countries)

  • EU policy and governance of internal security



  • Qualitative methods: expert interviews, in person/remotely; archival research; and policy analysis
  • Qualitative schools: process tracing; comparative historical research; and textual analysis (mixed methods and QCDA)
  • Softwares: MXQDA (textual analysis), Otter (transcription) and Zoom (interviewing/recording tools)