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Ioanna’s principal research interests concern the extraterritorial reach of EU environmental law through unilateral trade-related environmental and climate change regulation and issues of access to justice in environmental matters. She is particularly interested in the legitimacy of the EU’s action in extending the scope of application of its domestic measures to third countries that do not usually have a say in the formulation and application of EU measures as explored in her monograph The EU as a Global Regulator for Environmental Protection: A Legitimacy Perspective. Within this context, she is currently exploring the specific case study of ship recycling regulation.  Ioanna is expanding her research on the EU as a global regulator by exploring new sources and purposes in the EU’s new budget and recovery fund, including both environmental measures such as the plastic levy and the introduction of a carbon border adjustment mechanism, as well as non-environmental measures such as the digital levy. In this context, she will be delivering the Specialized Course on the topic of ‘New Purposes and Sources of EU Funding’ at the European University Institute Academy of European Law Summer Course on the Law of the European Union in the summer of 2021.