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List of publications

Peer-reviewed articles

·      Brattvoll, J. (2018) NATO’s Afghan partners : between ally and adversary (2003–2014) (in Norwegian) Internasjonal politikk, Vol. 76, No. 4, pp. 290–310

·      Brattvoll, J. (2014) “Talking and No Talking: US and UK negotiations with the Taliban”. NMBU Journal of Life Sciences. Vol. 4

Book reviews

·      Brattvoll, J. (2017) «Rusland i Mellemøsten: Adfærd, strategier og interesser», Nordisk Østforum 31, 40–42

·      Brattvoll, J. (2016). «A Rock Between Hard Places: Afghanistan as an Arena of Regional Insecurity». Internasjonal Politikk, 74, 4: 1–4

Non-peer-reviewed articles

·      Brattvoll, J. (2018) “When Russian film becomes merely ’Russian’’” (in Norwegian)  Dagsavisen, March 29 2018

·      Brattvoll, J. og Julie Wilhelmsen (2017) “Russia and the US: the impossible partnership in the fight against ISIS” (in Norwegian) Aftenposten, 30 June 2017

·      Brattvoll, J. (2017) “Why are Uzbeks joining ISIS?” (in Norwegian) Klassekampen, January 29 2017.

·      Brattvoll, J. (2016) “What’s happening with Karimova?” (in Norwegian) Klassekampen, May 30 2016.

·      Baev, P. and Brattvoll, J. (2015) “Russia Breaks the Partnership with Turkey but Builds a New One with Iran” PRIO Blogs

·      Brattvoll, J, Joachim Nahem og Niels Jacob Harbitz (2014) “Echo-rhetoric between the West and Russia threatens the status of nternational law” Nye meninger

Policy briefs

·      Brattvoll, J. (2018) “US-Russia relations: fascination and disdain” (in Norwegian), HHD -report, NUPI, January 2018.

·      Brattvoll, J. (2017) “Foreign Fighters from Russia and Central Asia. Who, what, why?” (in Norwegian) HHD -report, NUPI, February 2017.

·      Brattvoll, J. (2016) “Uzbekistan’s ambiguous policies on Afghanistan”. PRIO Policy Briefs.

·      Brattvoll, J. (2016) “Is Russia Back in Afghanistan?” PRIO Policy Briefs.