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Hello, thanks for viewing this page! I am Jan, a Doctor in Political and Social Sciences, with a specialisation in Comparative Politics.

My biographical story is a bit complex. I was born and grew up in Italy, but I have the Dutch nationality. My parents are both Dutch and in the 1980s they moved to Italy and still live here. I grew up speaking Dutch at home, speaking Italian at school and with friends. After finishing high school, I moved to the Netherlands to study Political Science at the VU Amsterdam, where I earned my BA degree. Then, I moved to Brussels and earned my MA in Political Science from the VUB. Short after, I moved to Florence to start my doctoral studies at the EUI.

I defended my thesis on 31 March 2017, and soon I will be moving to Lisbon for another adventure (more info coming soon).

Besides politics and research, I also have a strong interest and passion in music, and sometimes I take the liberty to share this on this page. Hope you enjoy!