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I am a PhD Researcher in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence. 

My doctoral project, entitled When Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, investigates the production and reproduction of inequality in the transition from school to work. This is known to be a critical life course transition with long-lasting consequences for individuals and societies. My research focusses on whether and how spatial inequality, in the form of spatial variation in the number and type of employment opportunities for labour market entrants, affects labour market entry processes and early career outcomes among young people in the United Kingdom and Germany. What happens to young people in places where opportunity doesn’t knock?

My wider research interests include educational inequality across the life course, labour market disadvantage, industrial and occupational change, and the connections between social and spatial mobility. I was recently involved in an LSE (International Inequalities Institute) research project exploring the relationship between residential immobility and Brexit voting preferences in the United Kingdom. 

I hold an an MRes in Global Politics from Birkbeck, University of London. and an MA in Geography from the University of Cambridge. Prior to commencing my PhD, I worked in education, employment and skills policy for a number of think-tanks and third sector organisations in the United Kingdom and authored a host of policy-oriented reports and publications.