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List of publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Neil Lee, Katy Morris & Thomas Kemeny (2018) Immobility and the Brexit vote, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 11(1): 143-163,

Steven Jones, Anthony Mann & Katy Morris (2015): The ‘Employer Engagement Cycle’ in Secondary Education: analysing the testimonies of young British adults, Journal of Education and Work 29 (7): 834-856, DOI: 10.1080/13639080.2015.1074665

Selected Policy Publications

Katy Morris, Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel and Anthony Mann (2015) Languages and Labour Market Outcomes: Are Britons who speak foreign languages at an advantage in the labour market? Education and Employers Taskforce for the British Academy’s Born Global project; British Academy: London

Katy Morris and Debbie McVitty (2012) Never Too Late To Learn: Mature students in UK higher education. million+ and NUS: London

Katy Morris, Alexandra Jones & Jonathan Wright (2010) Anchoring Growth: The role of anchor institutions in the regeneration of UK cities. The Northern Way: Newcastle 

Neil Lee,  Katy Morris,  Jonathan Wright, Alexandra Jones & Ian Brinkley, I (2010) No City Left Behind? The geography of the recovery and the implications for the Coalition. The Work Foundation: London

Katy Morris (2010) Flat or Spiky? The changing location of the British knowledge economy. The Work Foundation: London

Katy Morris & Alexandra Jones (2010) Managing Change: Responding to public spending reductions in Yorkshire and Humber. The Work Foundation: London

Neil Lee,  Alexandra Jones & Katy Morris (2009) Recession and Recovery: How cities can respond to the recession. London: The Work Foundation: London /  OECD: Paris

Katy Morris & Alexandra Jones (2009) Innovation and the Future Leeds City Region Economy. The Work Foundation: London

Publications for Practitioners

Katy Morris (2014) A guide for Primary school leaders on working with employers and volunteers. Education and Employers Taskforce and National Association of Head Teachers: London

Katy Morris, Alexandra Jones and Will Hutton (2008) Bristol: Ideopolis? In 100: A collection of words and images to mark the centenary of the University of Bristol. University of Bristol: Bristol