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List of publications

Peer-reviewed articles 

(forthcoming 2020), ‘An Alternative Family. Domesticity and Protestantism at an Elite Javanese Girls’ School in the Dutch East Indies, c.1907-1935′,  BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review, Special Issue: Children as Objects and Actors of (Post)Colonial Change. 

Non-peer-reviewed articles

(forthcoming 2020), with Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk, ‘Education, Labour,  and Discipline: New Perspectives on Imperial Practices and Indigenous Children in Colonial Asia’, International Review of Social History.

(2018) ‘Giving for Girls: Reconsidering Colonial Civilizing Missions in the Dutch East Indies through Charitable Girls’ Education’, New Global Studies 12 2, Editors’ Forum:  Empires of Charity.  DOI:

(2015) ‘The Javanese is Soft and Docile’: Deconstructing Masculinities in Ethnography about the Netherlands Indies’, Leidschrift 30 2 pp.163-178.

(2012) with Mineke Bosch, ‘Om feministisch te zijn, moet een man ook feministisch doen. Een interview met Henk Misset en Else Barth’, [In order to be a feminist, a man has to act like one: an interview with Henk Misset and Else Barth], Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies 15 1 pp.19-21.

Book reviews

(2018) ‘From Colonial Education to a Transnational Mindset.’ Review of: Niranjan Casinader, Transnationalism, Education and Empowerment: The Latent Legacies of Empire. Newbooks.Asia.

(2017) ‘Youth and Empire: Trans-colonial Childhoods in British and French Asia, by David M. Pomfret’, Itinerario 40 1 pp.183-185. 

(2015) ‘Wives, Slaves and Concubines: A History of the Female Underclass in Dutch Asia, by Eric Jones’, Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies 18 3 pp. 349-352.

Selected conference papers and  invited talks

(2018) ‘An alternative family: domesticity and Protestantism at an elite Javanese girls’ school in the Dutch East Indies, c. 1907-1937′.  Children as Objects and Actors of (Post)Colonial Change, Maastricht University, 23 November.

(2018) ‘”The older girls are very sweet to the little ones”: affective relations in girls’ schools in the Netherlands Indies, c. 1900-1940.’ Leiden Southeast Asia Seminar, Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), 14 February. 

(2017) ‘Indisch: un mondo in una parola. Storia e letterature dell’Indonesia (post)coloniale’. Invited talk, Università degli studi di Napoli L’Orientale, 15 November. 

(2017) ‘Raising Indonesia’s girls. Questions of gender and age in the Indonesian educational movement, c.1920-1940’. Shaping Education in the (Post)Colonial World: Actors, Paradigms, Entanglements: 1880s-1980s, University of Lausanne, 14-16 September.  

(2017) ‘Gadis-gadis kita. Taman Siswa as an example of gendered education in the Netherlands Indies, 1922-1942.’ Invited talk, Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, 19 July. 

(2017) ‘Giving for girls. Metropolitan fundraising efforts for indigenous girls’ education in the Netherlands Indies, c. 1880-1940′. Empires of Charity, Warwick University, 3 March.

(2017) ‘Intimate strategies. Elite Javanese girlhood and Christian domesticity in three boarding schools in the Netherlands Indies, ca. 1907-1940’. Seen but not Heard? The Spatial, Emotional and Material Sites of Childhood and Youth from Antiquity to Modernity, University of Sussex, 18-20 January.

Popularizing  publications

(2018) ‘Taman Siswa Schools in Colonial Indonesia: Looking Back to the Past, Getting Ready for the Future’ in:  Geert Thyssen and Fabio Pruneri (eds.), Looking Back, Going Forward: School_Time in Flux and Flow in Europe and Beyond  (EERA Network 17 – Histories of Education).  Ebook available here.

(2013) ”Sla, sla, geen gena’: Nederlands slavernijverleden’, [‘Beat her without mercy’: the Dutch slavery past] , De Groene Amsterdammer 137 24 pp.36-39. Editorial article in a political magazine.


(2012) Warmwatervrees (Clavis Publishing, Amsterdam/Hasselt). Young adult novel.