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Other publications

Academic writings
2020, “I flussi migratori via mare: l’Italia nel contesto del Mediterraneo”, in IDOS (eds) Dossier Statistico Immigrazione 2020, Rome: IDOS.
2020, with Zakoska-Todorovska, “Vulnerability to exploitation and abuse along the Mediterranean migration routes to Italy” in GMDAC (eds.) Migration in West and North Africa and across the Mediterranean, Geneva: OIM.
2020, with Barbato, Vona and Alvarez, “The Added Value of Multicultural Enterprises in Italy”, in IDOS (eds) RII Report on Immigration and Entrepreneurship 2019-2020, Rome: IDOS.
2020, with Triandafyllidou, “Understanding Irregularity”, in Spencer and Triandafyllidou (eds) Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe, Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges, IMISCOE.
2020, with Triandafyllidou, “Irregular migration and Irregular Work: A chicken and egg dilemma”, in Spencer and Triandafyllidou (eds) Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe, Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges, IMISCOE.
2020, with Mantanika and Triandafyllidou, “Emerging Reception Economies: A View from Southern Europe”, in Spencer and Triandafyllidou (eds) Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe, Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges, IMISCOE.
2019, “Il Mediterraneo centrale: una rotta sempre più pericolosa”, in IDOS/Confronti, Dossier Statistico Immigrazione 2019.
2019, with Triandafyllidou and Guidi, “Exploring the Links Between Enhancing Regular Pathways and Discouraging Irregular Migration”, Geneva: IOM and IRCC.
2018, with Soda, “Migrants as co-development actors. Transnational traits of the migrant presence in Italy”, Energia Ambiente e Innovazione, V.3 July-September, ENEA.
2017, with Galos, Cook, Grant, “Migrant Vulnerability to Human Trafficking and Exploitation: Evidence from the Central and Eastern Mediterranean Migration Routes”, Geneva: IOM.
2017, with Triandafillidou, “Irregular Migrants and Rejected Asylum Seekers: Conceptual and Policy Challenges for Europe”, Compass WP, Oxford.
2017, UNICEF & IOM, Harrowing journeys – Children on the move across the Mediterranean Sea at risk of trafficking and exploitation, New York/Geneva, September.
2017, with Galos and Cook, “Migrants’ vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation in the irregular migration context of the Mediterranean routes”, Migration Policy Practice, Vol. VII, Number 2, April–September.
2017, with Triandafillidou, “Young and Educated Southern Europeans ‘Vote with their Feet’”, ISPI.
2017, with Galos, “Migrants’ Vulnerabilities in Transit: Central and Eastern Mediterranean Routes”, Working Paper presented at the Migration Working Group, EUI, 28th February.
2017, Book Review: Immigration and Regional Integration in a Globalizing World: Myths and Truths about Migration, by C. White (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2015); JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 55: 157–158. doi: 10.1111/jcms.12497.
2017, with Triandafyllidou & Gropas, “Drivers of Highly Skilled Mobility from Southern Europe: Escaping the crisis and emancipating oneself”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 43, Issue 4: 652-673.
2015, “A Survey of Transnationally Mobile Migrants – Quantitative Report.” ITHACA Research Report N. 5/2015. Florence: EUI.
2015, with Gropas., Isaakyan, and Triandafyllidou. “The Link between Migrant Integration and Transnational Mobility: Who, What and Why – ITHACA Comparative Report.” ITHACA Research Report N. 7/2015. Florence: EUI.
2015, with Gropas, and Triandafyllidou. “Country Report: Italy.” ITHACA Research Report N. 2/2015. Florence: EUI.
2015, with Salis, “Is integration only a migrants’ matter? Assessing labour market outcomes of different social groups in Southern Europe throughout the crisis”, paper presented at the Annual IMISCOE Conference in Geneva, June 2015.
2015, with Gropas, “Chapter 11 – Southern European Highly Skilled Female Migrants in Male-Dominated Sectors in Times of Crisis: A look into the IT and Engineering Sectors”, in Triandafillydou and Isaakyan (eds.) High Skill Migration and Recession: Gendered Perspectives, London: Palgrave.
2015, “The Role of Transnational Family Distribution in Shaping Remittance Flows.” Greenback Working Paper 2. Washington, D.C: The World Bank.
2015, with Castagnone, “Remittances and the Economic Crisis: Evidence from the Greenback 2.0 Survey in Italy.” Greenback Working Paper 1. Washington, D.C: The World Bank.
2015, with Castagnone, Schoumaker and Nazio “Understanding Transnational Labour Market Trajectories of African-European Migrants. Evidence from the MAFE survey”, International Migration Review, Vol. 49-1, p. 200-231.
2014, with Triandafyllidou and Gropas, “ITHACA Concept Paper: Some thoughts on the integration-transnationalism nexus”, RSCAS Working Paper, EUI, Florence.
2014: “Migrants’ Remittances from Italy – International Remittances and Access to Financial Services for Migrants in Turin, Italy”, Final Research Report, World Bank/FIERI.
2012: “The contribution of migrants to economic growth in the EU”, Report of the 8th European Migration Forum.
2011: Irregular Status and Migrants’ Behaviours. Economic effects of irregularity on migrants and their origin and destination countries. The case of Italy and Europe with some policy considerations. MSc’s thesis, University of Florence.

Reports written for IOM Italy (selection of)
2020, Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys: Top 5 nationalities interviewed in Italy in 2019, August, Geneva: IOM.
2020, Europe — Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe – Overview of Trends (January — December 2019), July, Geneva: IOM, UNICEF and UNHCR.
2020, Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys — Children & Migration 2019, April, Geneva: IOM.
2020, Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys – Women & Migration 2019, March, Geneva: IOM.
2019, Rapporto sui cittadini stranieri residenti nella IV Municipalità del Comune di Napoli, November, Rome: IOM.
2019, The human trafficking and other exploitative practices survey, Western Mediterranean Migration route, March, Geneva: IOM.
2019, Flow Monitoring Surveys Analysis: Profile and Reported Vulnerabilities of Migrants Along the Eastern, Central and Western Mediterranean Route, March, Geneva: IOM.
2018, Migrant children in Italy, Briefing, Issue 4, December, Rome: IOM.
2018, Migration and its transnational dimension: Italian emigrants, remittances and transnational entrepreneurs, Briefing, Issue 3, February, Rome: IOM.
2017, Migrants’ economic contribution to Italy: a multifaced presence, IOM Italy Briefing, Issue 2, October, Rome: IOM.
2017, Current Migration Trends from Eritrea to Italy, IOM Italy Briefing, Issue 1bis, August (upon request).
2017, Current Migration Trends from Bangladesh to Italyv, IOM Italy Briefing, Issue 1, June, Rome: IOM.
2017, Analysis on adult and children on the Mediterranean routes compared – Flow Monitoring Survey, The human trafficking and other exploitative practices indication module, September, Geneva: IOM.
2017, Analysis on migrants and refugees from Nigerian on the Central Mediterranean route – Flow Monitoring Survey, The human trafficking and other exploitative practices indication module, September, Geneva: IOM.
Flow Monitoring and Human Trafficking Surveys in the Mediterranean and Beyond, interviews collected between February and April 2017, June 2017 (here).
Flow Monitoring Survey in Italy, interviews collected between June and November 2016, March 2017 (here).

Media Articles & Public Presentations (selection of)
2020, with Zakoska-Todorovska, “Reaching Italy by sea: changing profiles and vulnerabilities since 2016”, IOM’s Migration Data Portal, 20 October.
2019, “Ad un bivio. Transizione all’età adulta dei minori stranieri non accompagnati”, report presentation with UNICEF, UNHCR and ISMU, Milan, 14 November.
2019, “Storie controcorrente – come l’Europa può creare storie di inclusione”, Ortygia Business School, Siracusa, February.
2018: “Migrant Vulnerability to Human Trafficking”, presentation at the first International Forum on Migration Statistics, OECD-UNDESA-IOM, Paris, January.
2018, “IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix – monitoring migration flows in the Mediterranean”, EMN Swedish National Conference, Stockholm, November.
2018: “Migrant vulnerabilities between Africa and Europe – IOM Experience in learning and assisting”, Khartoum Process Thematic Meeting on the Protection of Women and Girls on the Move, Stockholm, September.
2018: “Viaggio in mare verso l’Europa”, InGenere.
2017: Evidence from data collection with migrants and refugees in Italy, presentation at the Migration Working Group, EUI.
2015-2016: At a Glance series of publication with the Research Service of the European Parliament(EPRS): here
2015, Links between integration and transnational mobility: some quantitative insights from ITHACA, ITHACA Final Conference, Florence 21-22 October (programme).
2015, with Umbach, “EMPOWERMENT THROUGH KNOWLEDGE: GlobalStat database available soon at EPRS website!”, October, European Parliament Research Service, EP Think-Tank.
2015, “Transnational engagement of Moroccan migrants in Italy and Spain”, ITHACA workshop, Madrid 18 September.
2015, “GlobalStat website launch event”, State of the Union Conference, European University Institute, 6-9 May.
2014, “Remittances and the economic crisis: evidence from the Greenback 2.0 survey in Italy”, presentation at IMISCOE Annual Conference, Madrid 27-29 August.
2013, “Torino Città Campione delle Rimesse: risultati di ricerca a cura di FIERI and Lab. Revelli”, FIERI, 19 October.
2013, with Guidi: “Assistenza sanitaria in Italia: l’immigrazione indispensabile”, Neodemos, 23 October; also published in Salvini S. (ed.) 2015, Longevità, vecchiaia, salute, Neodemos, Firenze.
2013, with Guidi: “Migrazione e integrazione: che cosa ci chiede l’Europa?”, Il Fatto Quotidiano online, 21 May.
2013, with Guidi: “Lo Stato dell’Unione: diritti umani e migrazione per l’Europa di domani”, Il Fatto Quotidiano online, 18 May.
2013, “Tra ius soli e ius sanguinis, una legge per il diritto di cittadinanza”, Il Fatto Quotidiano online, 23 March.
2013, “Italiani si diventa. Ma come?”,, 16 March.