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Research Project

GlobalStat, a project of Global Governance Programme at the EUI’s Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, meets these needs for better access to data. It is a public data gateway that offers a large amount of statistical data from over 80 international sources for all 193 UN member states from 1960 to present day free of charge. In doing so, it contributes to a better understanding of the interrelations between human living conditions and globalisation trends by presenting data as diverse as income distribution, water resources, dwellings, migration, food production, nutrition, or life expectancy.

Since October 2015, an exciting partnership between the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) and GlobalStat offers an ever-increasing portfolio of data-based services and publications to Members of the European Parliament, their staff, and to the staff of the European Parliament. Since May 2016, a new series of joint country-related ‘At A Glance’ publications informs about EU economic and trade relations with main partners of Africa, America, Asia and Oceania. So far, publications on Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa, the United States of America and Indonesia have been released and more are in preparation. Since September 2016, GlobalStat has also been integrated as the new Statistics Warehouse resource into the EPRS’s intranet.
It offers a search function that links to the GlobalStat database, mirroring its thematic structure and allowing direct transfer to GlobalStat’s website to access the original data.

With this innovative partnership, GlobalStat’s team contributes to the EPRS’s and its own key aim of empowering people through the provision of knowledge and to inform policy-making by offering easy access to factual insights.

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