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PhD Researcher in Law at the European University Institute in Florence, specialising in legal theory and public international law. 


PhD project title: Legitimate Authority without a Duty to Obey: the Power-Liability Approach to State Authority

My PhD research is located within the field of legal theory, focusing on whether it is possible to develop an account of legitimate state authority that does not depend on the existence of a corresponding duty to obey the law resting on the citizen. 

I also carry out research in the field of public international law, primarily focusing on the international law of the sea and international environmental law. My current focus is on the legal regime for the high and deep seas, with particular focus on the role of soft law and generally accepted international rules and standards (GAIRS) in the further evolution and development of  the legal regime for these areas of the ocean. 


Prior to starting my PhD in 2016, I completed a Master in Comparative, European and International Law (LLM) at the European University Institute.

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in August 2015 with an LLM International Law, following the completion of a LLB Law & International Relations in May 2015. During my studies, I simultaneously completed a B.Sc. Education (pedagogy) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 


Lene Korseberg, ‘The Law-Making Effects of the FAO Deep-Sea Fisheries Guidelines’ (2018) 67(4) International and Comparative Law Quarterly  801-832.