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I am a PhD-Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. In my thesis, I work on the effects of outsourcing on internal and external workers across firms, education, and income. The aim is first to develop the concept of the “fragmented workplace” where internally employed staff and external contractors are working together.  Second, I am particularly interested in the social and political attitudes of workers in these fragmented workplaces.

I started my dissertation in fall of 2019, after having worked for more than two years in Berlin. My work experience includes working as a researcher in the 2017 national election campaign for the Social-Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), and working as a public sector consultant for PD, the in-house consultancy of the German federal government. 

My background is in Sociology, Political Science, and Social Psychology, having completed a Master in Social Psychology at the University of Cambridge (2017), and a Bachelor in Sociology, Politics, and Economics at Zeppelin University in Germany (2016) with an exchange stay at UC Berkeley (2015). 

Besides research, you can follow the instagram channel @Firenzedaily, where a friend and I started to collect our visual memory of pandemic Florence, and continue to post a picture of the city daily.