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I am a PhD-Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. In my thesis, I work on the effects of outsourcing on internal and external workers across sectors, education-, and income brackets. The aim is first to develop the concept of the “fragmented workplace” where internally employed staff and external contractors are working together.  Second, I am particularly interested in the social and political attitudes of workers in these fragmented workplaces.

I started my dissertation in fall of 2019, after having worked for more than two years in Berlin. My work experience includes working as a researcher in the 2017 national election campaign for the Social-Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), and working as a public sector consultant for PD, the in-house consultancy of the German federal government. 

My background is in Sociology, Political Science, and Social Psychology, having completed a Master in Social Psychology at the University of Cambridge (2017), and a Bachelor in Sociology, Politics, and Economics at Zeppelin University in Germany (2016) with an exchange stay at UC Berkeley (2015).