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I currently work on an analysis of the proportionality requirement in patent law; the meaning and scope of Article 17(2) Charter of Fundamental Rights; the place of economic analysis in patent litigation; and workable guidance for open standards in private law, as well as various side-projects, for instance on descriptive trade marks. If you’re interested in these topics as well and looking for a sparring partner, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can download selected publications by visiting my author’s page on SSRN.

Work in progress

Can patent injunctions be counter-innovative? [IPKat report and summary here]

Injunctions and the turn towards a proportionality-based approach in Dutch patent law, in: J Contreras & M Husovec (eds), Injunctions in  Patent Law:  Trans-Atlantic Dialogue on Flexibility and Tailoring (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press) (with WA Hoyng) 

Key publications

Property aspects of intellectual property (2019) 11 European Journal of Legal Studies 2 (review essay) [link]

Het octrooirechtelijk verbod: heilig huisje in de storm?, BerichtenIE 2019, 186 (in Dutch) [link]

The Unified Patent Court as Part of a New European Patent Landscape: Wholesale Harmonization or Experiment in Legal Pluralism? (2018) 26 European Review of Private Law 1 (with C Van Paddenburgh) [link]

Other recent work (English)

The European law of remedies: a multi-faceted enigma (2020) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (forthcoming) [link]

CJEU rules that repeal of provisional measure does not automatically create liability for wrongful enforcement (2019) 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 12  [link]

Changing business models: Huawei makes a surprising announcement, or, the changing role of patents in the global economy (2019) 48 Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Journal 10 [link]

 Dutch Supreme Court decides on means-plus function claims, clarity and implied license in printer cartridge patent case (2019) 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 10 [link]

CJEU rules that taste of a food product is not protectable by copyright (2019) 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 2 [link]

Fair Governance of Biotechnology: Patents, Private Governance and Procedural Justice (2018) American Journal of Bioethics 18(12):57-59 (with N de Graeff, KR Jongsma & AL Bredenoord) [link]

Other recent work (Dutch)

Boekbespreking: A Practitioner’s Guide to European Patent Law, BIE 2020, p. 31-32 [link]

Noot onder Hof Den Haag 30 april 2019, ECLI:NL:GHDHA:2019:1537 (L.B. 11/Hennessy), BIE 2019/23 (met MG Hoenink)

Noot onder Vzr. Rb. Den Haag 28 december 2018, ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2018:15453 (Douwe Egberts/Belmoca), BIE 2019/4 [link]

Noot onder Hoge Raad 3 november 2017, ECLI:NL:HR:2017:2807 (MSD/Teva), BIE 2017/27 [link]

Terugblik Octrooirecht 2016, BIE 2017/2 (met J Eck, P de Lange & M van der Wal) [link]

Intellectuele eigendom  en de ‘derde industriële revolutie’: enkele opmerkingen over de juridische implicaties van 3D-printen (2015) TNM White Paper (met F Eijsvogels) [link]

Other publications

English translation of Court of Appeal the Hague 2 July 2019, ECLI:NL:GHDHA:2019:3613 (Philips/Wiko), GRUR-Int (forthcoming 2020)

Do you want to know a secret? The decline of legal accountability in modern democracies and Wikileaks’ answer to it (2012) 4 Amsterdam Law Forum 2 [link]

The changing role of principles in the European multi-layered legal order, 20 European Review of Private Law 2 (2012) (with N de Boer & S van Kampen) [link]

The Age of Copyright: Wittem’s copyright reform proposal compared to Samuelson’s Preliminary Thoughts (2011) 1 Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property (with A Mombers & L Belder) [link]

Expert comments on topical issues

When will there by a drug to treat Covid-19? (The Correspondent, 23 March 2020) [link; original Dutch version here; selected for inclusion in The Syllabus]. 

FTM selecteert: coronacrisis-update 20 maart 2020 (Follow The Money, 20 March 2020) (discussing my view on compulsory licensing of COVID-19 related patents) [link]

Pressure Grows to Stop Automatic Product Bans in EU Patent Rows (Bloomberg Law, 24 January 2020) [link]

4 International Rulings Patent Attorneys Should Know (Law360, 1 November 2019) [link]

Blog posts

Since August 2019, I regularly contribute to the IPKat blog as a GuestKat. You can find an overview of my recent posts [here], by clicking on my picture.

Some of my blog posts include:

UKSC upholds decision in Unwired Planet, confirms English courts have jurisdiction to set global FRAND rates (and much more) (IPKat, 26 August 2020) [link]

Amsterdam Court of Appeal issues dynamic blocking injunction in long-running dispute between BREIN and ISPs (IPKat, 5 July 2020) [link]

Neurim v. Mylan: UK Court of Appeal denies interim injunction in face of a launch-at-risk, but are damages really adequate? (IPKat 26 June 2020) [link]

Conversations with FRANDs: top courts in UK, DE and NL to decide key issues relating to SEP’s (IPKat, 8 June 2020) [link]

FibroGen v. Akebia: Arnold LJ addresses insufficiency, equivalence, second medical use claims, and much more (IPKat, 25 April 2020) [link]

Willem Hoyng: today’s decision sets back UPC at least five years (IPKat, 20 March 2020) [link]

German constitutional court upholds complaint against UPC Agreement and implementing act (IPKat, 20 March 2020) [link]

CJEU rules on counteraction by conceptual differences in trade mark law, but leaves much to be resolved (IPKat, 17 March 2020) [link]

Proportionality and FRAND in France: Paris appeal court upholds anti-anti-suit injunction but first instance court refuses PI in IPCom v Lenovo (IPKat, 10 March 2020) [link]

Reflections on IP exclusivity in the wake of the corona virus outbreak (IPKat, 5 March 2020) [link]

Supporting Europe’s innovative SME’s: an interview with the European Intellectual Property Helpdesk (IPKat, 6 February 2020) [link

Furry thoughts on Sky v. Skykick — Part 2:  trade marks registered with no intention to use (IPKat, 3 February 2020) [link]

Furry thoughts on Sky v. Skykick — Part 1: trade marks lacking sufficient clarity and precision (IPKat, 30 January 2020) [link]

CJEU rules that pay-for-delay agreements likely violate competition law where reverse payments occur without justifiable explanation (IPKat, 30 January 2020) [link] [with G. Béquet]

Patent Injunctions Update: German Ministry of Justice publishes draft amendment to Patent Act and Hague Court of Appeal decides in further Philips FRAND cases (IPKat, 16 January 2020) [link]

Trade mark functions, repairs and collective marks: Dutch Supreme Court to refers questions to CJEU (IPKat, 12 January 2020) [link]

Hague Court of Appeal stays enforcement of patent injunction (IPKat, 16 December 2019) [link]

CJEU rules that “aceto” and “balsamico” are not individually protectable components of PGI “Aceto Balsamico di Modena” (IPKat, 5 December 2019) [link]

AG Bobek suggests broadening possibility to submit new arguments and evidence before General Court in trade mark opposition proceedings (IPKat, 2 December 2019) [link]

Amsterdam district court orders Google to take offline fake reviews (IPKat, 24 November 2019) [link]

Call to readers: let’s talk about patent quality (IPKat, 8 November 2019) [link]

Benelux Court of Justice rules on use of a well-known trade mark in a work of art (IPKat, 2 November 2019) [link]

How and where may implementers sue for FRAND-licenses? (IPKat, 26 October 2019) [link]

A-G Tanchev finds lack of intention to use a trade mark can be indicative of bad faith & insufficiently clear and precise registrations may be contrary to public policy (IPKat, 16 October 2019) [link]

The Author’s Take: CJEU rules that repeal of provisional measure does not automatically create liability for wrongful enforcement (JIPLP Blog, 14 October 2019) [link]

Industry takes stance on automatic patent injunctions as German Ministry of Justice considers reform of the patent law (IPKat, 3 October 2019) [link]

Does IP boost the European economy? EPO and EUIPO say so (IPKat, 29 September 2019) [link]

Huawei makes a surprising announcement, or, the changing role of patents in the global economy (IPKat, 16 September 2019) [link]

What’s in a name? General Court rules conceptual comparison of names normally not possible (IPKat, 10 September 2019) [link

On economic analysis of IP law: an interview with professor Tom Cotter (IPKat, 30 August 2019) [link]

Are FRAND disputes too complex for PI proceedings? (IPKat, 10 August 2019) [link]

Nokia v. Daimler: (anti-)anti-suit injunctions and the Brussels I regime in global FRAND litigation (IPKat, 5 August 2019) [link]

Dutch Court of Appeal injuncts unwilling licensee in first post-Huawei v ZTE FRAND decision (IPKat, 16 May 2019) [link]

Conference report: ‘Injunctions and flexibility in patent law’ (IPKat, 10 April 2019) [link]

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? On copyright in truthful depictions (IPKat, 25 March 2019) [link]

The Author’s Take: CJEU rules that tase of a food product is not protectable by copyright (JIPLP Blog, 25 November 2018) [link]


Comparison of signs in EU trade mark law, held at the EUIPO for its European Trade Mark and Design Education Programme (December 2018) [link]

Internet of Things and Software-Based Patents in a Digitized World: Injunctions, held at the AIPPI Turkey Sertaç Köksaldı 5th Intellectual Property Law Seminar, Istanbul (6 April 2018) [link]

European trademark law: infringement, lecture held for prof. W.A. Hoyng’s intellectual property course as part of Tilburg University’s Law & Technology LL.M. (28 March 2018) [link]

Hyperlinks and communication to the public according to the CJEU: a cat in a bag?, held at ECTA Copyright Workshop, Brussels (13 September 2017) [link]

Copyright in the Internet of Things, held at the ECTA 35th Annual Conference, Dubrovnik (25 June 2016) [link]