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On 26 May 2023, I successfully defended my PhD thesis at the European University Institute. The key publication that presents my ideas developed in the thesis is my monograph:

The Proportionality Test in European Patent Law: Patent Injunction Before EU Courts and the UPC (Hart 2023) [link]

  • Winner of 2023 IPKat Book of the Year award in the patent law category [link]
  • Recipient of 2023 GRUR Dissertationspreis in the patent law category


My other publications are listed on this page:

Articles (peer reviewed)

Pairing Sturgeon with Champagne: Towards a Due Cause Exception in the Law of Geographical Indications (2023) 54 IIC – International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law [link]

Proportionaliteit in het octrooirecht: de derde weg (2023) 39 Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht  181

  • Published in German as: Verhältnismäβigkeit im Patentrecht: Der dritte Weg (2023) GRUR 1737

Does the Injunction Gap Violate Implementers’ Fair Trial Rights Under the Charter? (2022) GRUR 857

Does the Injunction Gap Violate Implementers’  Fair Trial Rights Under the ECHR? (2021) 70 GRUR International 215 [link]

Property aspects of intellectual property (2019) 11 European Journal of Legal Studies 2 (review essay) [link]

Het octrooirechtelijk verbod: heilig huisje in de storm? (2019) BerichtenIE 186 [link]

The Unified Patent Court as Part of a New European Patent Landscape: Wholesale Harmonization or Experiment in Legal Pluralism? (2018) 26 European Review of Private Law 1 (with C Van Paddenburgh) [link]

The Age of Copyright: Wittem’s copyright reform proposal compared to Samuelson’s Preliminary Thoughts (2011) 1 Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property (with A Mombers & L Belder) [link]


Articles (other)

Of Charlie and Karl: Notes on Persuasive Legal Reasoning (2024) European Journal of Legal Studies 57 [link]

Fair Governance of Biotechnology: Patents, Private Governance and Procedural Justice (2018) American Journal of Bioethics 18(12):57-59 (with N de Graeff, KR Jongsma & AL Bredenoord) [link]

Changing business models: Huawei makes a surprising announcement, or, the changing role of patents in the global economy (2019) 48 Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Journal 10 [link]


Book chapters

‘With a little help from my friends: harmony and dissonance in Europe’s many patent laws’, in: Graef & Van der Sloot (eds.), The Legal Consistency of Technology Regulation in Europe (Hart 2024)

Of Treats and Treaties: The Forgotten Chapter of European Geographical Indications Law’, in: Bosher & Rosati (eds.), Developments and Directions in Intellectual Property Law. 20 Years of The IPKat (OUP 2023)

‘Netherlands’, in: Contreras & Husovec (eds.), Injunctions in Patent Law: Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Flexibility and Tailoring (CUP 2022) (with WA Hoyng) [link]

‘Eggens en een kranige conclusie’, in: Booms (ed.), Een man een man, een woord een woord: werken ter nagedachtenis aan Jannes Eggens (Belvedere 2014)


Book reviews

Internet Service Provider Liability for Copyright and Trade Mark Infringement: Towards an EU Co-Regulatory Framework (2024) Common Market Law Review (forthcoming)

Nederlands bewijsbeslag in rechtsvergelijkend perspectief (2022) Maandblad voor vermogensrecht 37

IP Accidents (2022) IPKat [link]

Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights: A Commentary (2021) European Intellectual Property Review 757

The Cambridge Handbook of International and Comparative Trademark Law (2021) European Intellectual Property Review 811

Research Handbook on Trademark Law Reform (2021) IPKat [link]

Law of Remedies: A European Perspective (2020) 15 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 309 [link]

Likelihood of Confusion in Trade Mark Law (2020) European Intellectual Property Review 458

A Practitioner’s Guide to European Patent Law (2020) BerichtenIE 31 [link]

Patent Games in the Global South (2020) IPKat [link]


Case notes

Vzr. Rb. Midden-Nederland 19 September 2023 Fleurop-Interflora/Florië en (2024) 40  Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht 55

Hof Amsterdam 28 June 2022 Noblesse v. Jiskefet (2022) 38 Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht 331

Case C-597/19 Mircom v. Telenet (2021) 37 Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht 284

CJEU rules that repeal of provisional measure does not automatically create liability for wrongful enforcement (2019) 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 12  [link]

Dutch Supreme Court decides on means-plus function claims, clarity and implied license in printer cartridge patent case (2019) 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 10 [link]

CJEU rules that taste of a food product is not protectable by copyright (2019) 14 Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 2 [link]

Hof Den Haag 30 april 2019 LB11 v. Hennessy (2019) BerichtenIE 23 (with MG Hoenink)

Vzr. Rb. Den Haag 28 december 2018 Douwe Egberts v. Belmoca (2019) BerichtenIE 4 [link]

Hoge Raad 3 november 2017 MSD v. Teva (2017) BerichtenIE 27 [link]



Author of entries on article 2.23 BVIE (limitations of trade mark rights) and article 73 ROW (indirect infringement in patent law) in IE-C, the online IP encyclopaedia by Delex

De eerste zes maanden Eengemaakt Octrooigerecht (2023) 39  Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht 359 (editorial)

Duin 2022 (2021) 37 Intellectuele Eigendom en Reclamerecht 393 (editorial)

Standard-Essential Patents: Conditions for Filing for an Injunction Without Abusing a Dominant Market Position. English translation of Court of Appeal The Hague 2 July 2019 Philips v. Wiko (2020) GRUR International 174

Terugblik Octrooirecht 2016 (2017) BerichtenIE 2 (with J Eck, P de Lange & M van der Wal) [link]

Intellectuele eigendom  en de ‘derde industriële revolutie’: enkele opmerkingen over de juridische implicaties van 3D-printen (2015) TNM White Paper (with F Eijsvogels)

Do you want to know a secret? The decline of legal accountability in modern democracies and Wikileaks’ answer to it (2012) 4 Amsterdam Law Forum 2 [link]

The changing role of principles in the European multi-layered legal order (2012) 20 European Review of Private Law 2 (with N de Boer & S van Kampen) [link]


Citations in media

When will there by a drug to treat Covid-19? (The Correspondent, 23 March 2020) [link; original Dutch version here; selected for inclusion in The Syllabus].

FTM selecteert: coronacrisis-update 20 maart 2020 (Follow The Money, 20 March 2020) (discussing my view on compulsory licensing of COVID-19 related patents) [link]

Pressure Grows to Stop Automatic Product Bans in EU Patent Rows (Bloomberg Law, 24 January 2020) [link]

4 International Rulings Patent Attorneys Should Know (Law360, 1 November 2019) [link]


Blog posts

The proportionality test in European patent law (IPKat 11 December 2023) [link]

What is the standard for preliminary injunctions before the UPC? (IPKat 13 October 2023) [link]

Amendment of German patent law: small step or giant leap for proportionality? (IPKat 30 July 2021) [link]

No get-out-of-jail-free card for Hasbro as General Court affirms bad faith in MONOPOLY appeal (IPKat 29 April 2021) [link]

Does the injunction gap violate implementers’ fair trial rights under the ECHR? (IPKat 16 December 2020) [link]

Düsseldorf court refers questions on component-level SEP licensing to CJEU in Nokia/Daimler (IPKat, 26 November 2020) [link]

Hague Court of Appeal sets Dutch standard for equivalence, reversing District Court in pemetrexed sage (IPKat, 29 October 2020) [link]

Hague District Court grants cross-border preliminary injunction against Mylan in Novartis SPC battle (IPKat, 22 October 2020) [link]

CJEU confirms no likelihood of confusion between MASSI and MESSI (IPKat, 17 September 2020) [link]

Dutch state not liable for incorrect interpretation of private copying exception, says Hague Court of Appeal) (IPKat, 14 September 2020) [link]

UKSC upholds decision in Unwired Planet, confirms English courts have jurisdiction to set global FRAND rates (and much more) (IPKat, 26 August 2020) [link]

Academic spotlight (II): Borghetti, Nikolic and Petit on FRAND licensing levels (IPKat 27 July 2020) [link]

Academic spotlight (I): Sterzi, Rameshkoumar and Van der Pol on NPE activity (IPKat 25 July 2020) [link]

Amsterdam Court of Appeal issues dynamic blocking injunction in long-running dispute between BREIN and ISPs (IPKat, 5 July 2020) [link]

Neurim v. Mylan: UK Court of Appeal denies interim injunction in face of a launch-at-risk, but are damages really adequate? (IPKat 26 June 2020) [link]

Conversations with FRANDs: top courts in UK, DE and NL to decide key issues relating to SEP’s (IPKat, 8 June 2020) [link]

FibroGen v. Akebia: Arnold LJ addresses insufficiency, equivalence, second medical use claims, and much more (IPKat, 25 April 2020) [link]

Willem Hoyng: today’s decision sets back UPC at least five years (IPKat, 20 March 2020) [link]

German constitutional court upholds complaint against UPC Agreement and implementing act (IPKat, 20 March 2020) [link]

CJEU rules on counteraction by conceptual differences in trade mark law, but leaves much to be resolved (IPKat, 17 March 2020) [link]

Proportionality and FRAND in France: Paris appeal court upholds anti-anti-suit injunction but first instance court refuses PI in IPCom v Lenovo (IPKat, 10 March 2020) [link]

Reflections on IP exclusivity in the wake of the corona virus outbreak (IPKat, 5 March 2020) [link]

Supporting Europe’s innovative SME’s: an interview with the European Intellectual Property Helpdesk (IPKat, 6 February 2020) [link]

Furry thoughts on Sky v. Skykick — Part 2:  trade marks registered with no intention to use (IPKat, 3 February 2020) [link]

Furry thoughts on Sky v. Skykick — Part 1: trade marks lacking sufficient clarity and precision (IPKat, 30 January 2020) [link]

CJEU rules that pay-for-delay agreements likely violate competition law where reverse payments occur without justifiable explanation (IPKat, 30 January 2020) [link] [with G. Béquet]

Patent Injunctions Update: German Ministry of Justice publishes draft amendment to Patent Act and Hague Court of Appeal decides in further Philips FRAND cases (IPKat, 16 January 2020) [link]

Trade mark functions, repairs and collective marks: Dutch Supreme Court to refers questions to CJEU (IPKat, 12 January 2020) [link]

Hague Court of Appeal stays enforcement of patent injunction (IPKat, 16 December 2019) [link]

CJEU rules that “aceto” and “balsamico” are not individually protectable components of PGI “Aceto Balsamico di Modena” (IPKat, 5 December 2019) [link]

AG Bobek suggests broadening possibility to submit new arguments and evidence before General Court in trade mark opposition proceedings (IPKat, 2 December 2019) [link]

Amsterdam district court orders Google to take offline fake reviews (IPKat, 24 November 2019) [link]

Call to readers: let’s talk about patent quality (IPKat, 8 November 2019) [link]

Benelux Court of Justice rules on use of a well-known trade mark in a work of art (IPKat, 2 November 2019) [link]

How and where may implementers sue for FRAND-licenses? (IPKat, 26 October 2019) [link]

A-G Tanchev finds lack of intention to use a trade mark can be indicative of bad faith & insufficiently clear and precise registrations may be contrary to public policy (IPKat, 16 October 2019) [link]

The Author’s Take: CJEU rules that repeal of provisional measure does not automatically create liability for wrongful enforcement (JIPLP Blog, 14 October 2019) [link]

Industry takes stance on automatic patent injunctions as German Ministry of Justice considers reform of the patent law (IPKat, 3 October 2019) [link]

Does IP boost the European economy? EPO and EUIPO say so (IPKat, 29 September 2019) [link]

Huawei makes a surprising announcement, or, the changing role of patents in the global economy (IPKat, 16 September 2019) [link]

What’s in a name? General Court rules conceptual comparison of names normally not possible (IPKat, 10 September 2019) [link]

On economic analysis of IP law: an interview with professor Tom Cotter (IPKat, 30 August 2019) [link]

Are FRAND disputes too complex for PI proceedings? (IPKat, 10 August 2019) [link]

Nokia v. Daimler: (anti-)anti-suit injunctions and the Brussels I regime in global FRAND litigation (IPKat, 5 August 2019) [link]

Dutch Court of Appeal injuncts unwilling licensee in first post-Huawei v ZTE FRAND decision (IPKat, 16 May 2019) [link]

Conference report: ‘Injunctions and flexibility in patent law’ (IPKat, 10 April 2019) [link]

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? On copyright in truthful depictions (IPKat, 25 March 2019) [link]

The Author’s Take: CJEU rules that tase of a food product is not protectable by copyright (JIPLP Blog, 25 November 2018) [link]